FRONT ROYAL — All but one Town Council member voiced opposition during a Monday work session to the thought of supplying the proposed housing development near Target with water.

Crooked Run West LLC has recently requested that the land it owns adjacent to Target be rezoned by the county from commercial to residential to accommodate a 1,000-plus unit housing development.

The Warren County Planning Commission last week voted against the rezoning. The matter is scheduled for a future vote by the Board of Supervisors, which has the ability to overturn the planner’s recommendation.

If the supervisors approve the rezoning, the town must agree to supply the houses with water and sewer services. This would require an amendment to an agreement between the town and county stating that the town will only supply water and sewer to just commercial developments in the 522 corridor.

Councilman Eugene Tewalt said he is not in favor of the idea, cited doubts including whether the town has enough water or the proper infrastructure to accommodate the development.

He added the town has already agreed to supply water and sewer to a 1,926-unit future housing development and could not handle this request.

Councilman Jacob Meza said he “would like to figure out a way to make it work.”

“I’m not going to hold on to all of these other developments that are supposedly going to build that aren’t building and haven’t built for a very long time. If there’s something that’s going to generate townhomes...then I’m interested in knowing how we can make that work,” he said.

Tewalt agreed that he would like to “make it work” but reiterated his concerns that the town may not have enough water to supply the development.

Councilman Gary Gillispie said he opposes the idea because if the town agrees to supply water to this housing development, the council could not say no to any similar future requests.

Councilman Chris Holloway said he would like to stick to the voluntary settlement agreement and that he is not interested in providing water to a residential development.

Councilwoman Letasha Thompson said there are other concerns besides whether the town has enough water to supply the development. She noted that the extra houses would put a strain on the number of students nearby schools can hold.

Town Attorney Doug Napier said there is no need for the council to even discuss the matter until the Board of Supervisors votes on whether the land will be rezoned for residential use.

The Town Council and Board of Supervisors will discuss the matter during a joint meeting Thursday.

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