The Mount Jackson Town Council unanimously approved recommending John Boor to represent the town on the Shenandoah County Tourism Council during Tuesday night’s council meeting.

The Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors will vote to approve Boor to the Tourism Council at an upcoming meeting.

Boor is replacing Bob Luse, who resigned last month and recently retired and sold his business, the Widow Kip’s Country Inn in Mount Jackson.

“The town cannot thank Bob (Luse) enough for his work on the Tourism Council on behalf of the Mount Jackson community and Shenandoah County as a whole,” Mount Jackson Town Manager Neil Showalter said.

The town is also considering a memorial at the Town Park for former resident Hope Emph, who died last summer.

Showalter said Emph’s family is interested in doing a memorial at the park for her and he suggested a plaque .

“Miss Emph made herself known to many folks here in town as just a kind soul and a pleasant demeanor and enjoyed life here in the town,” Showalter said. “... There is a uniqueness to Miss Emph’s situation and her relationship to the town that maybe isn’t going to be very easily followed by others in the future.”

Councilman Rod Shepherd suggested and made a motion to have the Public Property Committee look into where the plaque would be placed and what would be put on it, before the council would make a decision on it. His motion was unanimously approved.

Showalter also mentioned that the Public Works staff will be picking up Christmas trees from residents today. He said that residents will have to call and make an appointment and give the Public Works staff their address where the trees can be picked up.

All six council members, Shepherd, Dennis Andrick, Judy Fultz, Bonnie Good, Whitney Miller, Roger Rudy and Mount Jackson Mayor Donnie Pifer were in attendance at Tuesday’s meeting either in person or virtually.

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