The following information is from the Shenandoah County Circuit Court and Department of Building Inspections:

Marriage Licenses

• Eugene Patrick O’Sullivan, 62, of Edinburg, and Terry Elizabeth Schlager, 58, of Edinburg.

• Gene Clayton Wagner Jr., 55, of Edinburg, and Tabitha Lynn Hoffman, 47, of Edinburg.

• Marshall Eugene Nicholas, 28, of Edinburg, and Brittnay Dawn Routhier, 26, of Edinburg.


• David John Perry and Virginia Bodge Plaugher Perry.

Real estate over $75,000

• Neal Merchant and Brian Thornton Merchant, co-trustees of the Wilmer Thornton Merchant Jr. Trust, to Steven T. Crawford and Silvana K. Delcarpio, 545 Riverview Drive, Maurertown, $120,000.

• DDFI LLC to Duncan E. Currie and Anne R. Currie, Sandy Hook Road, Strasburg, 7 acres, $150,000.

• John E. Kirchhofer to Trevor Ables and Jodi Lee Orndorff, 516 N. Main St., Edinburg, $227,000.

• Andrew J. Rhodes to Lisa Williams and Doyle Williams, 355 Crazy Horse Lane, Mount Jackson, $227,000.

• Strasburg Interstate Properties LP to NVR Inc., Cedar Spring Estates, Lots 83-90, $480,000.

• The Links Properties LLC to Black Dog Acres LLC, 9.9 acres on North Mountain Road, Timberville, $80,000.

• Richards’ Homes LLC to Jason E. Davison and Jennifer L. Davison, Windsor Farms, 89 Hillcrest Road, Edinburg, $520,000.

• Travis A. Guthridge and Charles J. Fox to Nicholas A. Santschi and Sophia Maria Santschi, 647 Ash St., Strasburg, $220,000.

• Karl Heinz Taubenberger to Jessica Dawn Brigner, Old Hickory Heights, 6249 Truston Court, Mount Jackson, $240,000.

• George W. Wooten and Susan S. Wooten to Jennifer Nicole Nemerow and others, Lakeview Pedestal Homes, 459-B King St., Basye, $249,900.

• Martha G. Newland to Melissa S. Moore, Deer Rapids, 79 Peach Orchard Road, Strasburg, $370,000.

• Nathan A. Gochenour and Tabatha R. Baker to Robert Aloysius Klein and Valerie L. Long, 1167 Crooked Run Road, Mount Jackson, 25.3 acres, $710,000.

• Frederick R. Long to Jacquelyn Wallace, Madison Heights, 479 Varghese Drive, Strasburg, $260,000.

• Donna L. Heishman to Ray A. Kibler, 35.5 acres on Dysart Road, Woodstock, $182,000.

• John D. Cecil and Kathleen S. Masters to Lightening View LLC, Aspen East Resort Condominium, Fairway Drive, Unit 201, Basye, $80,000.

• John J. Kerrigan to Sherwood Forest Resort LLC, 89 acres on Crooked Run Road, Mount Jackson, $325,000.

• David E. Smith and Sherand M. Smith to Jerry Wayne Nicely and Kathy Marie Nicely, 418 Branch St., Strasburg, $299,000.

• Karen D. Raines, Deborah Guess Crossfield and Kristine J. Guess, devisees of the estate of Donald L. Guess, to Harith Balala and Dua’a Elbarasse, 881 Water St., Edinburg, $130,000.

• Dennis H. Begeal to Alexey S. Starr and Anna Radionova, Bryce Hill Townhouse Condominium, 141 The Hill Road, Unit 25-C, Basye, $99,000.

• Neff Lumber Mills Inc. to Victor B. Murray and Lynne L. Murray, Stony Court Townhouse, 625 Fairway Drive, Basye, $159,900.

• TG Land Holdings LLC to Ashlenafi A. Abebe, Woodstock Mews, 247 Robins Way, Woodstock, $240,000.

• Jody D. Tambura and Rommel Tambura to J. Lamoy Madden, 216 Clicks Lane, New Market, $267,000.

• Richard H. Coffelt and Juanita L. Coffelt to Tracy Cubbage, Harmony Hills Estates, 285 Stoneburner Road, Edinburg, $299,900.

• Joseph W. Freund and Sara H. Freund to Kevin O’Scannlain and Dawn O’Scannlain, Bryce Mountain Resort, 306 Susan Road, Basye, $450,000.

• Dawn M. Miller to Stephen Nickolas Livesay II, Deer Rapids, 1617 Deer Rapids Road, Strasburg, $185,000.

• Josefina N. Lucero to Isaiah M. Stone, Jackson Court, 518 Court Circle, Mount Jackson, $255,000.

• Timothy T. Hoffman and Lori Y. Hoffman to Scott A. Young, 94 Railroad Ave., Edinburg, $175,000.

• Richard L. Koontz and Michelle L. Koontz to Jonathan Richard Koontz and Christina N. Koontz, 559 Roundhill Road, Mount Jackson, $354,000.

• Robert C. Perry and Jane D. Perry to 295 Wunder Street LLC, 295 Wunder St., Mount Jackson, $280,000.

• Mamata K. Panda and Pradipta K. Sahu to Alka Jain, Founders Landing, 140 Founders Way, Strasburg, $185,000.

• Edward R. Blumenkranz and Nancy M. Blumenkranz to Kimberley Louise Reinoehl, individually, and Veda A. Herman, trustees of the Herman Family Trust, Bryce Mountain Resort, 13 Bass Wood Lane, Mount Jackson, $225,000.

Building permits over $25,000

• Michelle and Douglas Hawkins Jr., 929 S. Hollingsworth Road, Woodstock, addition, $83,000.

• William and Megan Steward, 1234 Ox Road, Woodstock, addition, $53,250.

• Stephanie Hottle, 107 Cooper St., Edinburg, addition, $37,400.

• Anthony and Alison Windland, corner of Supinlick Ridge and Pin Oak roads, Basye, single-family dwelling, $130,000.

• Jon and Carol Wilson, 222 Forrest St., Basye, storage shed, $40,000.

• Cody Ross, 942 Hottel Road, Woodstock, pole barn, $175,000.

• Patricia Mumaw, 44 Second St., New Market, pole barn, $30,100.

• Hugh and Deborah Brinsdon, 1549 Pepper Road, Mount Jackson, three-bay garage, $162,893.