The following information is from the Warren County Circuit Court and Department of Building Inspections:

Marriage licenses • William Daniel Rounds, 29, of Front Royal, and Megan Diane Johnston, 28, of Front Royal.

Real estate over $75,000• 899 Strasburg Road LLC to James Mosimann and Danielle Mosimann, 899 Strasburg Road, Front Royal, $400,000.

• Alexander William Wagner to Frank A. Pillow and Krisha D. Pillow, Blue Mountain, 60 Woodhaven Way, Linden, $315,000.

• EC Home Services LLC to Ubaldo Morales Barrera, Apple Mountain Lake, 47 Lodi Court, Linden, $230,000.

• Lillian M. Snodgrass to Luis Humberto Flores Arellano and Edith A. Arellano Correa, 313 S. Shenandoah Ave., Front Royal, $275,000.

• Quarles Petroleum Inc. to Alpha Portfolio Owner LLC, four parcels in Front Royal, Old Guard Road and 10178 Winchester Road, $2,975,787.

• Daniel L. Carrier and Elaine R. Carrier to Blaine W. Keller, parcel on Hill Street and 307 South St., Front Royal, $650,000.

• Kathleen Mary Backer to Dalton A. Rector and Hannah N. Rector, 55 Powell Lane, Front Royal, $300,000.

• James E. Kenney Jr. and Jane L. Kenney to Cook Realty LLC, 121 E. 2nd St., Front Royal, $180,000.

• Jack Glenn and Angel Glenn to Ronald E. Kaetzel and Eve J. Kaetzel, 1271 T-Bird Drive, Front Royal, $635,000.

• Diane Kay Kline to Kassira Group LLC, 8363 Winchester Road, Front Royal, $300,000.

• Zack Dodson to Brittany Jenkins and Stephen Tyler Jenkins, Vaught Estates, 984 Auburn Court, Front Royal, $375,000.

• Donald William Caldwell and Christine Patricia Caldwell to Nathan Updike and Ashley Updike, Shenandoah Shores, 802 Riverview Shores Drive, Front Royal, $475,000.

• Michael Merrill and Sydney Merrill to David Yeo, Blue Mountain, 319 Rocky Mount Road, Linden, $370,500.

• Michael E. Slater to Shenandoah Heritage LLC, Royal Village, 734 W. 11th St., Front Royal, $279,900.

• Brice Deible to April Yesukaitis, Shenandoah Farms, 724 High Top Road, Linden, $305,000.

• Jesse A. Gardner to Zack Dodson, 5708 Strasburg Road, Strasburg, $450,000.

• Brenda Michael and Thaddeus D. Alexander to David Kondner Sr. and Chris C. Brannan, 178 Snake Road, Front Royal, $187,500.

• ARW Associates LLC to The Williams Brothers Corp. of America, Happy Creek Industrial Park, 1330 Progress Drive, Front Royal, $2,132,139.74.

• Patrick A. DeZess to Stephen Kody Meyer, Hensel Stone Woods, 1509 Mallard Place, Front Royal, $293,000.

• Interbake Foods LLC to Flour Power (Multi) LLC, 61.5 acres at 200 Interbake Place, and 6.7 acres in Stephens Industrial Park on Bering Place, Front Royal, $38,198,013.

• Nicholas Lostracco and Vanessa Lostracco to Denys Dmytriyenko and Yelena Zhidkova, 159 High Point Court, Front Royal, $483,000.

• Mohammad Reza Sabahi and Cristina Dente to Sergio Lino Herrera and others, Shenandoah Farms, 141 Farms River Road, Front Royal, $410,000.

Building permits over $25,000 • Lois Sava, Highland Park, South Hatcher Drive, Lot 15-A, Front Royal, single-family dwelling, $600,000.

• CM Builders Group LLC, Shenandoah Farms, Wells Drive, Lot 54, Linden, single-family dwelling, $260,000.

• Shen Valley Homes LLC, Shenandoah Farms, Linden, two single-family dwellings, Lake Drive, Lot 206, $160,000; Pine Ridge Drive, Lot 314, $200,000.

• Oakes Construction Inc., Seven Oaks, Little Long Road, Lot 3, Bentonville, single-family dwelling, $450,000.

• Webster Cameron, Cedarville Heights, Wendy Ridge Road, Lot 36, Front Royal, single-family dwelling, $605,000.

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