The following information is from the Warren County Circuit Court and Department of Building Inspections:

Marriage licenses• Johann Abel Amurrio, 22, of Charlottesville, and Catherine Mallory Brake, 24, of Charlottesville.

• Bruce Eugene Willis, 54, of Towson, Maryland, and Cydni Anais Ford, 30, of Towson.

• Steven Ray Rider Jr., 38, of Chicora, Pennsylvania, and Cearra Nichole Dodd, 19, of Petrolia, Pennsylvania.

Divorces• Colin Edward Bradley Seng and Lillybeth Seng.

• Shelbilee Elizabeth Zetterberg and Tylor Aaron Zetterberg.

• Mark Thomas Bauer Sr. and Patricia Ann Bauer.

Real estate over $75,000• Passage Valley Builders Inc. to Myriam Elisa Zayas, Junewood Estates, 691 Sunset Village Road, Front Royal, $417,100.

• Gregory S. Johnson and Cecelia Medlin Johnson to Matthew R. Leeds and Chantal L. Gamble, 843 W. 15th St., Front Royal, $305,010.

• Bethany R. Brinklow to Donnie Watkins, Woodside, 355 W. 11th St., Front Royal, $215,000.

• Lelia D. Hankins, successor trustee for the Robert H. Digges Trust, to William D. Sams, Shenandoah Shores, Front Royal, 157 Spruce Road, $95,000; and 79 Beech Road, $145,000.

• GZ LLC to Joshua Tyler Kelly and Megan Reinhardt, Royal Village, 706 W. 14th St., Front Royal, $210,000.

• Wayne Alan Showalter and Deborah Kay Showalter to Agripina Garcia Martinez and Angelicia Martinez Garcia, Williamsburg, 70 Westminster Drive, Front Royal, $368,000.

• Jurg Hauptli and Leslie D. Hauptli to John Kelly, Blue Ridge Shadows, 981 Shadows Drive, Front Royal, $430,000.

• Curt R. Wright and Bonnie R. Wright to Robert Lee Wiseman and Kimberly Lynne Wiseman, Shenandoah Farms, 1880 Blue Mountain Road, Front Royal, $285,000.

• Luis E. Ortiz and Patricia M. Pinto to Steven Stubbs and Julie Stubbs, 1510 Belmont Ave., Front Royal, $365,000.

• Michael B. Knight to Ana Rodriguez, Wiman Percy Rodriguez and William Pennington, High Knob, 806 Windy Way, Front Royal, $290,500.

• Susan M. Taylor to Gabrielle Marie Brock, 324 Ritenour St., Front Royal, $179,900.

• Zachary E. Robinson to Austin Lasher, Shenandoah Farms, 496 Freeze Road, Linden, $210,000.

• Joseph Stahl and Susan Stahl to Anthony Wayne Clark and Jennifer Kim Clark, Esteppe Road, Front Royal, 83 acres, $316,000.

• CM Builders Group LLC to Jeremy L. Herrera and Erica L. Herrera, Shenandoah Shores, 58 Juniper Drive, Front Royal, $299,900.

• Showers Family LLC to CJMWO Family, 202 E. 2nd St., Front Royal, $397,900.

• Lloyd Edwards and Yael M. Edwards to Joseph Stahl and Susan Stahl, Applewood Estates, 515 Winona Drive, Linden, 20 acres, $833,000.

• Charles A. Carlson Jr. to Brendan Devine, 758 Strasburg Road, Front Royal, $148,000.

• Erin Welsh and Carla Welsh to Brandon Scott Jenkins, Lake Front Royal, 1383 Highridge Road, Front Royal, $335,000.

• Daniel J. Devine and Rebecca Devine to Timothy G. Qura, Viscose City, 334 Cherrydale Ave., Front Royal, $180,000.

• Bryan J. Pentz to Kevin Gardner and Lisa Gardner, Shenandoah Farms, 110 Lookout Point Way, Linden, $355,000.

• Kathleen Marsden to Global Z Holdings LLC, High Knob, 625 Red Bud Lane, Front Royal, $163,000.

• Thomas C. Drake and Rachel Drake to Jariel A. Rendell, Apple Mountain Lake, 579 Granny Smith Road, Linden, $275,000.

• Dawn M. Colegrove to Corey A. Jones and Elizabeth M. Kraft, Shenandoah Farms, 1408 Western Lane, Front Royal, $325,000.

• A&R Rentals LLC to Agape Farm LLC, 302 Ritenour St., Front Royal, $120,000.

• Caleb Phelps and Shyane Cook to Douglas Boughton and Kelly Hinkle, 2013 Ridgeway Road, Front Royal, $410,000.

• Windfall Investments LLC to Donna Griffin, Shenandoah Farms, 1212 Pine Ridge Drive, Front Royal, $380,000.

• Nancie Maria Gallegos Williams to Arnold M. Williams, 118 Luray Ave., Front Royal, $275,000.

• Vijay K. Yellai and Anuradha Ikkurti to FFD Front Royal LLC, Belair Heights, 634 Bel Air Ave., Front Royal, $180,000.

• Jason R. Thompson and Melissa Thompson to Zara M. Ferrio and Andrew J. Ferrio, 598 Lands Run Road, Bentonville, $340,000.

• M.S. Construction LLC to Nicole Elaine McGee, Shenandoah Farms, 25 Brookview Lane, Front Royal, $360,000.

• Raymond Miller to Clayton Sandgren, Aspen Hill Farms, 88 Howellsville Road, Front Royal, $278,370.

• David J. Fertig and Holly A. Fertig to Christopher W. Bardwell-Jones and Gillian M. Bardwell-Jones, South River Estates, 793 Dorn Road, Front Royal, $380,000.

• Peter J. Young and Amy H. Young to Benjamin Howard Kaplan and Patti Smialkowski, 1618 T Bird Drive, Front Royal, 17.8 acres, $690,000.

Building permits over $25,000• Jennifer Avery, Blue Ridge Heights, 513 Washington Ave., Front Royal, addition, $100,000.

• RealtyLink, 440 South St., Front Royal, demolition, $34,633.

• Edward Sinclair, Oden Ridge, 1123 Ewell St., Front Royal, finish basement, $27,000.

• Andrew Hill, 1245 Kendrick Ford Road, Front Royal, addition, $65,000.

• Christopher Bremus, Belmont, 196 Old Browntown Road, Front Royal, interior remodeling, $40,000.

• Brett Simon, Markham Farm Manor, 208 Markham Farm Road, Front Royal, interior remodeling, $32,495.

• Warren County Public Schools, Skyline High School, 151 Skyline Vista Drive, Front Royal, new greenhouse, $60,000; reroofing, $125,000.

• Axalta Coating Systems LLC, 7961 Winchester Road, Front Royal, shed, $1,200,000.