The following information is from the Warren County Circuit Court:

Marriage licenses

• Austin Lee Luke, 25, of Portland, Maine, and Emelie Claymier Boucher, 25, of Portland.

• Adam Ming-Li Chang, 39, of Linden, and Nadia Gabriela Monarrez, 42, of Linden.

• Marlin Shelton, 19, of Leesburg, and Sara Elizabeth Bragg, 19, of Front Royal.

• Stephen Lewis Taylor, 45, of Bentonville, and Marjorie Marie Smith, 46, of Bentonville.

• Kathrin Scott Jones, 30, of Front Royal, and Angel Christina Brown, 36, of Front Royal.

• Coty Brian Prunest, 26, of Fairmont, West Virginia, and Kelsey Renee Horton, 25, of Fairmont.

• Rose Kelly Luzader, 29, of Montpelier, Vermont, and Amelia Rose Seman, 29, of Montpelier.

Real estate over $75,000

• Daniel N. White and Becca S. White to Michael Hare and Lauren Hare, Woodside, 403 W. 15th St., Front Royal, $399,000.

• Patricia Ann Bauer to Thi Hong Truc Nguyen and Phu Huu Bien, Beau Ridge, 2 Beau Lane, Front Royal, $363,000.

• Stephanie Hayden to Logan Pierce and Nicole Elizabeth Pierce, Skyland Estates, 78 Devils River Road, Linden, $244,000.

• James F. Petty and Regina B. Petty to Clarence S. Ramey and Brenda Elsea-Ramey, 380 McCoys Ford Road, Front Royal, $132,500.

• Conor B. Wright to Ronda Lee Newton, Shenandoah Farms, 369 Mountain Lake Drive, Front Royal, $198,152.32.

• Christine Wroe Prothero to Melissa Crimmins, 328 Blue Ridge Ave., Front Royal, $330,000.

• Peter M. Romanchuk and Claire E. Romanchuk to Edward Hambleton, 129 Ridgeway Road, Front Royal, $319,000.

• Joseph A. Dedekind and Danielle M. Dedekind to Lee Harvey Urquijo Vanegas and Natalia Maria Guerra Marin, Mosby Overlook Estates, 470 Scenic Overlook Drive, Front Royal, 20 acres, $555,000.

• Ramon S. Santiesteban-Flores and Nanette M. Galinanes Giraldez to William A. Christmas and Laura M. Christmas, 514 Braxton Road, Front Royal, $312,000.

• Michael Shane Kephart to Matthew V. Supples, 295 Bentonville Road, Bentonville, $334,000.

• Barbara M. Lancaster to Cynthia K. Rudacille, 6 acres on Point Road, Bentonville, $90,000.

• Chris Holloway Construction LLC to Dean Bishop and Diane McDaniel, 110 Ryder Benson Lane, Front Royal, $295,000.

• Frankie Allen Kimberlin and Amy Kimberlin to Dominic J. Repici, 423 Happy Creek Road, Front Royal, $285,000.

• Carolyn B. Helle to Michael A. Glotfelty and Theresa Mary Hammersmith Glotfelty, 227 Virginia Ave., Front Royal, $380,000.

• Beatrice E. Miller to Shahin Dohkt Tadayon, 4410 Remount Road, Front Royal, $167,000.

• Edward Chalkley to Frankie Allen Kimberlin and Amy Lynn Kimberlin, 713 Campbell Circle, Front Royal, $349,900.

• Joseph Trueblood to Brian W. Gilbert and Brooke E. Gilbert, Lake Front Royal, 295 Mountain Heights Road, Front Royal, $345,000.

• Kathryn Naylor Milton, trustee of the Milton Family Trust, to George Lee McIntyre III and George McIntyre Jr., 5380 Browntown Road, Front Royal, $350,000.

• Skye Van Ferguson, trustee of the 2009 Carolina Carver Trust, to Stephan C. Collins Jr. and Jessica L. Hensley, Creek Side Woods, 230 Timber Ridge Drive, Front Royal, 9.1 acres, $777,000.

• RAS Trustee Services LLC and Dominique Callins to FFC Properties LLC, 252 Wendy Hill Road, Front Royal, $316,000.

• Edna V. Hall and Marvin W. Hall to Mark E. Athey and Lisa M. Athey, Fairview Heights, 1028 Wine St., Front Royal, $230,000.

• Joel C. Plauger and Norma Jean Plauger to Ultimate Owl Properties LLC, 407 E. Main St., Front Royal, $395,000.

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