FRONT ROYAL - Several gutted deer carcasses were recently dumped on the side of Panhandle Road, according to Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Conservation Police Officer Michael Corrado.

Corrado said the matter is under investigation and while he does not have a person of interest, he should be able to figure out who left the deer. Penalties for dumping the deer, he said, would fall in line with typical littering charges but there may be some other violations.

Sandy Myers, a Virginia Department of Transportation spokeswoman, said the deer should be removed within the next day or two.

Dan Weir, a Panhandle Road resident, estimated there were eight dead deer ranging in size from “little bitty” to big. He said while it is not unusual to see deer on the side of the road missing legs - where most of the meat is - “it’s really bizarre” to see so many that are gutted.

“There’s no big crime here...the big bizarre thing is that there were eight of them that were all dumped,” Weir said.

He said it is weird because usually when a deer is gutted, someone is preparing to harvest meat from the animal.

"I'm used to people dumping stuff out there. That's not the big deal, really. It's just really bizarre that this occurred. Deer get dumped all of the time, deer get poached all of the time. But not this. Not eight deer, properly harvested and then dumped...that just doesn't happen," Weir said.

Corrado encouraged anyone with information regarding the matter to contact the VDGIF’s tip hotline at 800-237-5712

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