FRONT ROYAL – One of two women indicted on charges related to attempting to defraud the Chantilly Gymnastics Boosters in January 2018 did not appear in court on Monday.

Theresa Doucet 21, of Strasburg, appeared on Monday morning and her attorney requested the commonwealth provide discovery and set her next appearance for March 16.

In the afternoon, Lexy Kerns, 20, of West Virginia, was scheduled to appear as well but was absent.

Kerns’ attorney said she was in the hospital with her grandmother and forgot about the court appearance. Without a car, her attorney said, Kerns would not be able to make it to the courthouse before 5 p.m. when it closed.

According to the commonwealth, Kerns didn’t have a history of missing court appearances so no orders were filed to compel her to appear. Instead, the court scheduled her to appear at 10:30 a.m. Friday.

Kerns and Doucet are accused of participating in a scheme in which Kerns took a check for the Chantilly Gymnastics Boosters, valued at $908, and gave it to Doucet to cash. Court documents show that the check appeared to have been altered when Doucet took it to a bank in Front Royal.

According to court documents, Kerns was going to take $200 after the check was cashed and Doucet would take what was left.

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