FRONT ROYAL – The Front Royal-Warren County Economic Development Authority’s lawyers are asking that former EDA Executive Director Jennifer McDonald be held in contempt of civil court because she violated a court order by conveying her property at 68 Pine Hills Road. 

According to land records, McDonald and her husband Samuel D. North on Aug. 16 gifted the 68 Pine Hills Road property to McDonald’s sister Gail Addison.

McDonald is one of 15 defendants in the EDA’s $21.3 million civil lawsuit that alleges a series of embezzlements and misappropriations. She also stands charged on 28 felony indictments stemming from alleged fraudulent activity during her decade-long tenure at the EDA.

It was during a May hearing in the civil case’s proceedings that McDonald was ordered by former Judge Clifford L. Athey to not convey or encumber several properties including 68 Pine Hills Road.

Other properties levied during that hearing included 2951 Rileyville Road and 1321 Happy Creek Road.

In a motion filed Friday in Warren County Circuit Court, the EDA is requesting that McDonald “show cause why she should not be held in contempt for violating this Court’s order not to encumber or convey the property at 68 Pine Hills Road.”

The motion states that McDonald’s defiance “is part of her ongoing and willful contempt.” Another contempt noted is that she introduced forged documents during previous hearings “as part of her ongoing attempt to deceive the Court and defraud the Warren EDA.”

The motion asks that McDonald be held in civil contempt; that she “execute such documents as may be necessary to pay to into Court the proceeds of the sale of 68 Pine Hills Road until such time as the court orders proper disbursement;" and that she “be further enjoined from encumbering, conveying, or otherwise transferring any property, real or personal, or interest in any entity, without leave of Court other than up to $30,00 per year in wages and earnings associated with ordinary living expenses.”

The 68 Pine Hills Road property in March 2017 was sold by Addison and Ashley R. Willingham to DaBoyz LLC, which was owned by McDonald, for $60,000. In May 2018, the property was gifted from DaBoyz to MoveOn8 LLC, which is also owned by McDonald.

Both of those LLCs are also defendants in the EDA's civil case.  

Then, in September 2018, the property was gifted from MoveOn8 to McDonald.

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