The Edinburg Town Council on Tuesday night unanimously appointed Joan Reistetter to the Town Council.

Reistetter replaces Steve Van Stee, who announced a few months ago he was stepping down at the end of June because he and his family were moving to Waynesboro.

“She’s just very interested in the town, interested in serving,” Edinburg Mayor and Town Manager Dan Harshman said in a phone interview Thursday afternoon. “We were thrilled that somebody came forward.”

Harshman said Reistetter has worked part-time on Capitol Hill and served as an adult probation officer with Fairfax County Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court. She also opened an investigative agency in Fairfax, before moving to Edinburg, he said.

Harshman said Reistetter has lived in Edinburg since October of 2014. He said she has a yarn shop on High Street. He said Reistetter helped start a group called “The Northenders,” which was formed by businesses on the north end of town that were trying to generate more interest in that part of town. He said he believes she is also working with Edinburg Ole Time Festival Committee on their 40th anniversary this year.

“She just has a real good interest in the town,” Harshman said. “She’s adopted the town as her home, and I look forward to working with her.”

Harshman said the Town Council unanimously approved the FY22 budget. The budget has a total general fund of $906,778 and the total enterprise fund is for $2,632,334. However, $1.8 million of the enterprise fund is due to the ongoing wastewater treatment plant upgrade.

The budget calls for an increase of 25 cents for trash pickup, bringing that to $11 a month. Water rates will stay the same, but there will be a 2% increase in the sewer bills. The minimum service for 3,000 gallons will be $36.40 for in town and $54.60 for out of town.

The increase in sewer bills is also due to the upgrade in the wastewater treatment plant. The bills have to be raised over the next three years. The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality has said that by 2023-24, sewer rates need to be 1.39% of Edinburg’s median household income which comes out to $45.62 a month.

Harshman said everything is still on schedule for the wastewater treatment plant upgrade. He said he will meet with engineers over the next week to go over the final design for the upgrade and then send the design to the Virginia DEQ and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development for review.

“Things have changed from what we originally thought, but I think they have changed for the better,” Harshman said of the final design. “As we got into the existing plant and what could be done now that would be a good improvement for the future, we’re looking to replace some pumps and things like that, that we had not initially planned on. But I think it’s going to work out better.”

The Town Council also unanimously approved an amendment to a chapter about water, sewer and trash fees. The council is rewording it to say that the water, sewer and trash fees will be posted in the town office, so amendments to that chapter don’t have to be made every time fee change.

Harshman said they also talked about looking into buying property next to the Cedarwood Cemetery in Edinburg. He said there is a house for sale next to the cemetery and they are still trying to track down the owner.

“There’s a house that adjoins the cemetery and we had heard that it was coming up for sale, and I think it’s got like an acre and a half of land to it,” Harshman said. “We don’t necessarily have any plans for enlarging the cemetery, but it’s an opportunity that might not present itself for a number of years. We would probably just tear the house down and turn it into a field of grass for now.”

Harshman said they would have to have a public hearing on it if they decide to move forward with trying to purchase it.

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