Edinburg residents can't be sure what will happen when they turn their taps on. For the last month, a water leak has been aggravating town officials and riling those living on the north end of town.

Mayor Dan Harshman said fixing the leak was more involved than just locating it. 

"The leak detection company feels that it's in the creek crossing, but to make sure, we have to isolate that line," he said.

He added that crews were putting new valves on sections of pipe and re-pressurizing the lines to see if they could find the leak.

“They’re closing down valves and shutting off parts of town to try and stop the water flow to this particular area,” he said.

Harshman told Town Council members about the leak during their December meeting.

The same method has been employed around town to find the leak — isolating and pressurizing different areas to find the problem.

Ryan Richmond lives in Edinburg and said he is frustrated because the problem seems to be getting worse. When the low pressure started in early December, it would trickle for maybe 10 minutes, he said. Now, he doesn’t know if turning the tap in the sink will do anything.

“It’s gotten a lot worse in the last week,” Richmond said. “We can’t function. We can’t take showers…we require water for everything, and with low pressure, nothing works right.”

Richmond said he understands that the problem takes time to solve, but communication between the town and residents has been lacking.

“The only official information has been their Facebook page,” Richmond said, “and a lot of people don’t even have computers.”

“We feel like there’s no recourse. We are sort of at the town’s mercy,” Richmond added. “The town, to me, has been dragging their feet on it.”

Around 3 p.m. Wednesday, Richmond said his water was working fine, but it had been coming in fits and starts. Often the problem was worse in the morning, before noon, he said.

"I'm skeptical that what they think they found is going to be the solution," Richmond said. "I hope they have found it. And I hope they fix it. But I'm a bit skeptical."

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