Edinburg Town Council members will vote on an amended leash law this evening — giving law enforcement clear guidelines for how to deal with incidents involving dogs off leash.

Mayor Dan Harshman said the county officers have always been able to write tickets for incidents involving animals, but more often than not felt more comfortable delegating that responsibility to animal control.

“In the past, the ordinance just said the dog had to be under the owner’s control,” Harshman said. “That’s sort of in the eye of the beholder.”

The town’s amended ordinance allows for some flexibility for what constitutes “control.” One woman who lives in town, Harshman said, walks her dogs and has them under control by voice commands.

Voice commands, physical leashes or electronic leashes are all means of controlling a dog under the new ordinance.

“This gives [officers] a certain amount of comfort level,” Harshman said. “[It] gives the officers detailed...guidance.”

No other action items are on tonight’s agenda outside regular committee reports.

Harshman said the town’s water troubles have subsided slightly as it appears the town found all of the leaks and the plant is running normally.

“We’ve scaled back the amount of time and how hard we’re running the plant,” Harshman said. “Knock on wood, I haven’t heard anything different. We’re just hoping this is the way it’s going to be for quite a while.”

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