We checked in with Strasburg police on Wednesday to see if there was any news about who painted a swastika on an anti-Trump sign that a town resident had posted on his property last week. So far, no arrest has been made, but the investigation is continuing.

We can understand how the anti-Trump sign would anger a supporter of President Donald Trump, but trespassing on private property to deface the sign is a crime, and using such a hateful symbol – Hitler’s symbol — is abhorrent.

Why was a swastika painted on the sign?

Our newsroom gathers for a few minutes at 2 p.m. each day to talk about news stories that will go on the front page and the Sports front of the next day’s paper. When the vandalism story came up last week, most of the reporters said they believed the swastika had been painted on the sign to instill fear and show hate. Two reporters, however, suggested a different reason — that the perpetrator had added the swastika because he – or she – agreed with the sign’s wording.

There have been some anti-Trump protesters around the nation who have used the swastika and other Hitler-related images to show their opposition to the president. Was that the case here in Strasburg?

Town Mayor Rich Ordorff Jr. sent us the following news release after the incident:

“While vandalism and hate crimes like this reflect a growing challenge that can be seen in many places around our country today, it does not change what Strasburg is truly made of. We are a community of people who care about each other, help each other out, and keep each other safe. Acts of hatred are not tolerated here, and our police department is investigating this matter.”

Some of us in the newsroom disagreed with the two reporters who said the swastika had been drawn by someone agreeing with what is written on the sign. What was your reaction to the vandalism?