Imagine you’re sitting on your front porch, listening to the unpleasant sound of a whining lawnmower grow louder as your neighbor pushes it closer to the road as he moves back and forth across his lawn. When he starts on the last row of tall grass next to the road, you notice there is no bag attached to the mower to catch the grass clippings and they are being flung onto the road.

Once your neighbor is done with that last row, he shuts the mower off and pushes it to his garage. Then he brings out a leaf blower and uses it to blow grass clippings littering his driveway out onto the road. It starts to rain, so you go inside. Hours later, you return to your porch and notice that the now-wet grass clippings are still on the road.

Grass, leaves and other debris on the road is an eyesore and a hazard. Wet grass is slick and can cause a cyclist or someone driving a motorcycle to lose control and slide when the tires hit that green “ice.”

It’s also illegal in Virginia to place grass clippings, leaves or other debris on the roadway, so don’t do it.