A police chase from Augusta County north up Interstate 81 abruptly ended  Monday afternoon when the driver plowed into a Northern Virginia Daily sportswriter on his way to an assignment.

Our reporter was on the Exit 296 on-ramp in Strasburg when he said he saw a swerving white car “driving kind of crazy” coming up behind him. Then he felt the impact as the car smashed into his rear bumper and spun him around.

We're happy to report our reporter was not injured, but we can't say the same for his car.

This incident reminds us of another a few years ago when a Northern Virginia Daily photographer heading to a reported bank robbery became a part of a crime story. Our photographer thought he saw the suspect and turned around and followed him. Different scenarios, but the same outcome in both cases – the suspects were caught.

Journalists don't want to be a part of a news story, but on some days they just can't avoid it.