Astounding news reported this week on the local medical front: Valley Health has temporarily suspended mammograms at its diagnostic center in Winchester after the American College of Radiology “raised concerns about the quality of our mammogram images,” according to information posted on Valley Health’s website,

Women who have had their mammograms done there in the past two years may be feeling a frisson of disquiet over this news.

The health system statement goes on to state: “It is important to note these findings do not necessarily mean that the results of any individual mammogram were inaccurate, but it does mean patients may need to have their mammograms re-evaluated.”

Smashing a breast flat for a mammogram isn’t the most comfortable experience, and neither is hearing this news. It turns out that some of the images taken were not sharp enough because, according to a news report on Tuesday, “staff had not accurately positioned or compressed some women’s breasts.”

The health system’s online statement notes that it is working with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration “to identify who may have been affected by this issue and will provide additional information to patients as soon as possible.”

We are confident that Valley Health will resolve this problem and we hope that this does not stop anyone from scheduling a test. Mammograms do save lives and are vital to a woman’s health.

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