The grass planted next to the new sidewalk in Strasburg is poking through its straw mat, and now that days are more conducive for strolls, more folks are seen venturing out on it.

Good things are happening in Strasburg, and this new pathway that meanders next to Route 11 up the hill toward the shopping center is one of them. In years past, motorists driving up or down that hill would see pedestrians picking their way along the road’s berm. It was a dangerous and what looked to be most unpleasant walk.

Work crews are nearly done with the project. A hiccup occurred this week when they discovered a section of cement in the sidewalk had developed a case of Kilroy Was Here – though not in those words. We can’t get too upset about the graffiti, though. It was dealt with quickly, and we know how difficult it is to resist the lure of wet cement.

Kudos to all involved for making life easier and safer for those using the new trail.

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