The Front Royal-Warren County Economic Development Authority embezzlement scandal has personally impacted many lives in the area: two women are sitting in jail, one of the defendants named in the EDA civil suit has committed suicide, lawsuits have been filed, and a special grand jury has been empaneled for what could be several months.

The men and women seated on that special grand jury in this incredibly complicated case are taking time out of their daily lives to comb through a massive amount of information and witness accounts. Jury duty is disrupting their lives and we assume placing stress on them as a result of that disruption as well as just the sheer magnitude of the case. There’s also the consequences of their work that may cause them some distress – their decisions could send people to jail for many years.

The special grand jury’s work has already resulted in arrests, and because their proceedings are secret, we don’t know who is on the jury, what’s coming next, or how much longer it will take to examine this case. The special grand jury is an integral part of what could be one of this nation’s biggest public funds embezzlement cases. We commend these jurors for their invaluable service to their community.