The Shenandoah County Education Association PAC, a part of Valley PAC, has released its candidate recommendations for the upcoming local elections.

“We are excited to see so many pro-worker’s rights, pro-education, & pro-county candidates on the ballot this November,” Jeff Rudy, president of the Shenandoah County Education Association, stated in an email to the Northern Virginia Daily. “The SCEA has recommended forward & positive thinkers who have an earnest intention of continuing to take our school system & county through the 21st Century.”

The SCEA represents nearly 1 in 4 teachers and staff (including bus drivers, custodians, cafeteria workers, instructional aides) of Shenandoah County Public Schools. Valley PAC is the political arm of the association of the Shenandoah Valley Education Association made up of the following school systems: Shenandoah, Page, Luray, Harrisonburg, Clarke, Augusta, Frederick, Rockingham, Winchester, Staunton, Warren, and others, Rudy stated.

{span}The association is a politically b{/span}{span}lind organization, he noted.


{span}”Our recommendations are based on our thorough vetting of the candidates whose philosophies most closely align with the mission of our organization of pro-education & pro-worker’s rights. We simply hope to provide information on the candidates running for these important office serving our communities. We urge everyone to vote (no matter who you vote for),” Rudy stated.{/span}

In the uncontested Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors race for District 2, the association recommends Steve Baker:

“Mr. Baker has a proven track record of support for our schools. He believes that our students are worth the investment now, as they are the future of our county. Baker understands the changes in education for the 21st Century and the school system’s evolving needs for all students. We believe he will continue to be an advocate for students.”

In the District 2 School Board race, the association recommends Jessica Kelly:

“Ms. Kelly understands the needs of the teachers and students in our division. She has a willingness to ask hard questions, have an open mind, and find solutions for our school system. Kelly will make decisions in the best interest of all students and staff. She will continue our school board’s (forward) movement in a positive direction.”

Kelly is running against Martin Helsley.

In the District 3 Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors race, the association recommends the independent candidate F. Coe Sherrard:

“Sherrard, a local businessman, has shown his forward thinking for the present and the future of the county. He has the insight and experience to give back to the community. His non-partisan belief for the greater good of the schools and the county has the best interest in mind for everyone.”

Sherrard is running against Bradley Pollack, a Republican Party candidate.

In the uncontested Shenandoah County School Board race for District 3, the association recommends Cyndy Walsh:

“Walsh has shown a willingness to speak up on behalf of teachers and students, even when her position may be unpopular. She champions her support for the arts in the county. Walsh’s advocacy for teachers and students weighs on her votes for the future of our school division and our county.”

In the uncontested Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors race for District 6, the association recommends Tim Taylor:

“Taylor’s experience in local education and local government showcases his involvement in our school system and county. He carries the needs of our teachers and our school district. Taylor’s receptiveness to changing the dynamics of education, including technology, makes Taylor an excellent candidate for supervisor.”

In the uncontested Shenandoah County School Board race for District 6, the association recommended Andrew Keller:

“Keller is a former teacher and principal with a rich and vast knowledge on education. He has an openness to hear from teachers the pressing concerns facing our school system. Keller’s expertise of 21st Century learning and the willingness to affect change, will continue to help make our school system competitive for the future.”

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