French Jr., William

William French Jr.

William French Jr., has lived in Shenandoah County most of his life and believes he would be well suited for a seat on the Shenandoah County School Board.

French, a 2007 Central graduate and Maurertown resident, said he think it’s an important position, especially for the future of the area’s students.

“I was asked to run for School Board by friends and family who have faith in my abilities because I have a vested interest in the education of the future of this county because our children are our future,” French said. “They need to have a strong education. I care deeply about Shenandoah County and decided to run because I believe I’m well suited to provide leadership to the place I love.”

French is running for the District 5 seat against Brandi Rutz. This is French’s first time running for election. The election is on Nov. 2. Shelby Kline holds the District 5 seat now, but she chose not to run for another term.

French said he graduated from Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in 2011 and a master’s degree in 2014 in mechanical engineering. He currently works for John Deere as a Senior Robotics Engineer. He said he also spent a combined three years living in Illinois and Iowa.

French said he would like to see an improvement in keeping teachers in the county.

“If elected to the school board, my goal is to focus on improving classroom educational outcomes,” French said. “I believe that this starts with retaining and attracting teachers, and making our schools a great place to work. Retaining the instructor who wants to be in the classroom is paramount.”

French said he doesn’t have any children, but he has helped tutor students in calculus and engineering.

French said he believes he has all the attributes that a school board member needs.

“With a background in agriculture, engineering, strong family connections, business, and Shenandoah County overall, I am a good choice for the school board because I am committed to education of our future through listening to and understanding the people of Shenandoah County,” French said. “I care about the education of the children of Shenandoah County. ... I am young and willing to give all my energy to this effort. I will try to make decisions on the issues facing our schools in the best interests of the students, the parents, and the taxpayers. I’m committed to transparency — county residents and county employees need to know how the money is spent and where the money comes from.”

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