A Rappahannock-Shenandoah-Warren County Regional Jail corrections officer finds herself an inmate after the Warren County Sheriff’s Office charged her with allegations of criminal actions involving an inmate.

Sheriff’s Office investigators on Thursday charged Chasity Sherfey, 39, with five counts of delivery of articles to a prisoner and two counts of having carnal knowledge with an inmate.

She is being held without bail. Administrators are working to transfer her from the regional jail to another location to house her.

Jail Superintendent Russ Gilkison said the jail has a policy in place banning the actions Sherfey is accused of and that there are laws making such action criminal.

“It falls on the individual to make the right choices and do the right thing,” Gilkison said.

The allegations came to light when another inmate reported what was happening to a corrections officer, said jail Deputy Superintendent Major Steven Weaver.

Sherfey resigned her position as a corrections officer when jail administrators began an internal investigation. The matter was then turned over to the Sheriff’s Office.

A news release from the Sheriffs Office states that investigators conducted interviews, reviewed video footage and collected other evidence.

Weaver said Sherfey was hired as a corrections officer on Sept. 5, 2017. He said he did not find any previous disciplinary measures in her personnel file.

The allegations made involve an inmate who was a trustee and as such had more ability to move around the jail performing duties while being supervised by a corrections officer.

Sherfey confessed to Sheriff’s Office investigators that she performed fellatio on the inmate at the jail in a medical room where there was no surveillance equipment, according to a criminal complaint. It is also alleged that Sherfey brought in items into the jail at least five times for the inmate. The complaint alleges those items were strawberry lip balm, earbuds, flavored drink mix, and food from Taco Bell.

Weaver said the inmate was removed as a trustee

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