The town of Strasburg will not be paving all of the roads on its maintenance plan this year due to increased costs that exceed the budgeted amount.

Public Works Director Jay McKinley shared during a Monday night Town Council work session that the lowest bid of about $1.49 million from W&L Construction exceeded the engineering estimate and the approximately $1 million the town received for the work from the Virginia Department of Transportation.

“That’s the cost of doing business…” McKinley said in response to a question from Councilwoman Emily Reynolds on why the estimate increased.

Some 44 road segments were identified to be part of the paving plan this year for a total cost of $1.49 million. Roads included Acton Place, Ash Street, Banks Fort Road, Borden Mowery Drive, Brown Street, Capon Road, Capon Street, Christiansen Drive, Crawford Street, E. North Street, E. Queen Street, Hupps Hill Court, Newman Street, Orchard Street, Pendleton Lane, Philips Court, South Holiday Street, South Massanutten Street, Shape Street, Stoney Point Way, Thompson Street, West Queen Street and West Washington Street.

But with funds not available for the work, Town Manager Waverly Coggsdale explained, the scope of the must be reduced. VDOT will provide guidance on which roads may have to be removed from the project, McKinley said. A scoring system is used to determine what roads need the work more than others, McKinley added.

Also at the work session, resident Bob Robinson, president of the Stoney Pointe Homeowners Association, brought up two complaints — one regarding the installation of Comcast service in his neighborhood and the other about a pride event held at the Visitors’ Center a few weekends ago.

Comcast was granted a contract to install cable TV throughout town in November, but the company has been leaving yards and sidewalks damaged, to the tune of about $130 for a property owner to make repairs themselves, Robinson said. Workers have also littered water bottles, Robinson said.

“The cleanup has been nonexistent,” Robinson said.

“We apologize for the inconvenience to the residents of Stoney Pointe,” said Kristie Fox, vice president of communications for the Comcast Beltway Region, when notified about Robinson’s complaint. “We met with the HOA and we’re working quickly to get this resolved, including reimbursing residents for repair costs.”

Regarding the pride event, Robinson said he wasn’t against people practicing their First Amendment right but questioned if it was allowed at that facility. Other groups must pay $25 to use a pavilion and follow an application process, Robinson said.

Coggsdale was in the dark about the Parks and Recreation Department event, stated.

Strategic Initiatives Director Olivia Hilton, who oversees the Parks and Recreation Department, said that events with crowds larger than 50 people need a special event permit and crowds of more than 250 people need council approval.

This event was attended by about 30 people, Hilton said. The venue is a public facility, allowing people to demonstrate their First Amendment right, Hilton said.

“We strive to offer an inclusive and diverse schedule of events during the year — to which we host nearly 40,” Hilton said, adding the events are funded through the annual budget process. “It is our focus to serve all members of the Strasburg community, including those within the LGBTQ+ segment.”

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