As families prepared to sit down around their dinner tables on Thanksgiving, one family in Warren County had to rush out of their home with pets in tow as a chimney fire spread, threatening everyone inside.

Warren County Fire and Rescue Services units headed out to the home on Steps to Heaven Road just before 1 p.m. Thursday to fight a reported chimney fire, according to a news release shared on Facebook. On their way, dispatchers told units that flames could be seen outside, forcing a change of tactics and upgrading the severity of the fire.

High winds impeded firefighters as they attempted to put out the flames that spread to the roof of the two-story house and started to encroach on surrounding buildings, feeding on fresh, fallen leaves.

According to the news release, firefighters put the fire under control with about one hour of work and kept it from destroying any neighboring structures.

The release states that six adults were home and got out of the house by themselves, along with “multiple” animals without any reported injuries.

One firefighter was injured and was transported to Warren Memorial Hospital afterward for further evaluation, the release states.

Fire and rescue crews deemed the house uninhabitable and said the fire did roughly $200,000 in damages. No one Fire and Rescue was available for comment on Friday.

A family friend who, according to her GoFundMe page, has known the family her whole life, started a fundraiser with a $13,000 goal to help the family get back on their feet. As of Friday afternoon, donors had given $290 to the fundraiser.

The fundraiser can be found online at

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