A man was transported to Shenandoah Memorial Hospital on Friday morning after suffering an electric shock at Valley Fertilizer in Mount Jackson, the Shenandoah County Fire Marshal’s Office confirmed Friday evening.

The Fire Marshal’s Office received a call about 8 a.m. of an unresponsive man at Valley Fertilizer, said Fire Marshal David Ferguson.

“The squad responded to the scene, found a pulse-less man in his 20s inside one of the buildings at Valley Fertilizer,” Ferguson said.

“They started CPR, performed CPR for approximately 20 minutes until … the subject was brought back,” he said.

He said the man was transported to Shenandoah Memorial Hospital and later to another hospital. Ferguson could not confirm which hospital, and he said the man’s condition is unknown.

Mount Jackson Rescue Squad and Conicville Fire and Rescue responded to the scene.

An investigation of the incident was conducted by the Fire Marshal’s Office and The Shenandoah County Inspection Office.

“During that investigation, all points led to several contributing factors,” Ferguson said.

He said one of those factors was a frayed extension cord with exposed wire.

At the time of the incident, the extension cord was being used to help pump out water at the facility, Ferguson said. After the man “discontinued pumping the water, he was rolling up the cord still plugged in.”

“While rolling up the extension cord, he received the electric shock,” Ferguson said.

After inspecting the building, he said his office posted the structure as unsafe due to several infractions found at the facility. He said the infractions ranged from structure instability to electric hazards.

The facility was posted as unsafe and not to be occupied unless approved by the building inspection department, he said.

The incident is still under investigation, he said “and further information is needed to the direction of pending charges or penalties."

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