A former Shenandoah County Teacher of the Year who lost her leg in an accident in 2017 is  fighting for compensation.

Kathryn Tusing walked out of a house she was staying at in Mount Jackson in the early hours of Jan. 15, 2017, after she heard a vehicle hit a utility pole

Shortly after Tusing went outside, a wire that had fallen when the car hit the pole hit her leg, later forcing doctors to amputate it.

At the time, Michael McCampbell said he was driving the car that hit the pole, though he later changed his statement, with the court’s permission, to say that he does not remember whether he was driving or not. There was a passenger in the car with McCampbell and another driver who drove by after the car hit the utility pole.

Tusing has filed a suit against each of the individuals, McCampbell, Andrew Roy, the passenger and Mary Tureson, the person who drove by after the initial accident. Tusing is seeking $5 million from some combination of the three of them.

Tusing is also suing The Cincinnati Insurance Company for $10,000 — the amount of medical expenses Tusing claims she has incurred as a result of the accident.

While it is unclear who was driving the car that hit the utility pole that caused the wires to fall and it is unclear whether Tureson driving by later on may have caused the fallen wires to strike Tusing in the leg, Tusing’s suit levies alternative requests. Tusing is seeking $5 million from either McCampbell, Roy or some combination of McCampbell and Tureson or Roy and Tureson.

In a filed response, Tureson’s attorneys deny that Tureson is responsible for Tusing’s injuries and the fault lies entirely with either McCampbell or Roy.

Tusing demanded a trial by jury and the defendants also demanded a trial by jury if Tusing’s accusations of them were not dismissed.

A jury trial is scheduled for Aug. 24 in Shenandoah County Circuit Court.

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