Ashley Everhart is shown during a performance. She will perform her one-woman comedy act tonight at Theatre Shenandoah in Edinburg.

Former Woodstock resident Ashley Everhart has been a long-time fan of sketch comedy.

“I’ve absolutely always wanted to do this sort of show,” she said this week about her one-woman sketch comedy show scheduled for 8 p.m. today at Theatre Shenandoah in Edinburg.

“I performed sketch and improv in high school and that was the catalyst for moving to New York to study theatre,” Everhart said. “I figured if I could get a proper education in acting, writing, directing, and tech, I could strengthen every aspect of my ability to write and perform sketches.”

She said the show will be composed entirely of original material she has written.

“This show has everything,” Everhart said. “Stunts, sliced bread, the greatest hits of Barry Manilow, saxophone, Rod Serling. Think if the 1960’s ‘The Twilight Zone’ met a Jane Fonda workout tape and then had an existential crisis. That’s the vibe. We really cover it all.”

After graduating from Central High School in 2016, Everhart moved to New York City to study theater performance at Fordham University. While there, she began preparing the sketch show.

“I performed a 10-minute excerpt of this show up in New York this spring and was immediately interested in augmenting it,” she said. “I’m really attracted to writing the material I perform and working with a collaborative team to shape it into a cohesive piece.”

Everhart said the team that helped her work on the show includes New York-based playwrights Alexis Chapin and Jordan Goldberg, and fellow local artists Sarah Cornman and Stephen French.

Everhart said the show’s goal is to go beyond a normal stand-up comedy show.

“I rarely speak as myself throughout the piece,” she said. “Our goal for the show is that the audience leaves “knowing me, but knowing nothing about me.”

Everhart said she was planning to workshop the show in Edinburg and then start to perform it in New York City in the fall. She said she hopes the show will be the start of a successful career after she graduates from college.

“I want to make a career out of music and comedy, certainly,” she said. “I’m blessed to even consider that a prospect. Hopefully, this show embodies my energy in a way that will be an effective start to my artistic life after graduating.”

Admission for the show is free.

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