FRONT ROYAL — Business owners are invited to share their thoughts on what the town’s policies regarding Main Street events and closures should be during a 6 p.m. forum today at the Warren County Community Center.

Felicia Hart, the town’s community development and tourism director, said the discussion must be held because there are not very many policies and procedures in place.

Last January, the Town Council approved an ordinance allowing for 12 annual Main Street closures with a limit of two per month. Hart said the town wants more detailed guidelines that are “fair and equitable for everybody.”

She noted that Main Street has an eclectic collection of businesses, some of which benefit from having the road closed during events and some that do not. Hart said that the forum is meant to be an “open dialogue” and the town is specifically hoping to hear from business and property owners in the historic downtown district along with citizens.

William Huck, the owner of C&C Ice Cream who hosts the annual Family Fun Day and monthly car shows, said the forum has piqued his interest because of the events he and other business owners bring to the community. He added that whatever decisions the town makes will affect the community as a whole.

He said having people in the community regularly is good for the town because it is seen by the “outside eyes” of visitors.

“We need more of that, not regulated events,” Huck said.

He said the forum will be informative and allow business and property owners to voice their opinions regarding what they want in the community.

“When we have an ordinance and your event and, or function that you do on public fits into that ordinance...then you should be allowed to do your event as long as you are maintaining the ordinance for how it is written...without having to argue this,” Huck said.

Hart said that before Town Council makes any decision there will be two more forums on Jan. 30 and Feb. 13 to ensure that everybody has a chance to share their opinions.

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