No deaths were reported in the Lord Fairfax Health District over the weekend as Frederick County saw the largest increase in new cases within it.

Frederick County reported 24 new cases on Sunday and 31 cases on Saturday, according to the state’s Department of Health online COVID-19 dashboard.

Warren County had the second-highest reported increases with 16 new cases on Sunday and 13 on Saturday.

In the other counties comprising the district, Clarke added two cases on both Sunday and Saturday, Page added four cases on both Sunday and Saturday and Shenandoah added eight cases on Sunday and 11 on Saturday.

Winchester, the last locality in the health district, added three new cases on Sunday and one case on Saturday.

In total, the district added 57 new cases on Sunday and 62 on Saturday. The state as a whole added 1,227 cases on Sunday and 1,700 on Saturday.

Warren County reported the lone hospitalization over the weekend on Saturday. The state added 40 hospitalizations on Sunday and 62 on Saturday.

Deaths increased by 14 on Sunday and seven on Saturday across the whole state.

The seven-day positivity rate for PCR only tests in the district was reported at 8% Sunday, just  two percent  more than the 6.1% rate for the state.

The district’s rate is on an upward trend after reaching a low this year of 4.5% on March 8 and a peak this year of 16.2% on January 6 and 7. The state’s rate is declining from the 6.5% rate on March 31, after increasing from 5.4% on March 12 and peaking this year at 17.2% on January 6.

The Lord Fairfax Health District recorded 110 outbreaks, part of a total of 2,957 across all health districts in the state on Sunday.

For vaccinations, Shenandoah County has administered 22,344 doses, up 604, from Friday, and 9,622, people fully vaccinated, up 227 from Friday.

Warren County has administered 15,804 doses, up 600 from Friday, and 6,590 people fully vaccinated, up 121 from Friday.

Frederick County has administered 39,861 doses, up 799 from Friday, and 16,976 people fully vaccinated, up 479 from Friday.

Clarke County has administered 8,027 doses, up 211 from Friday, and 3,457 people fully vaccinated, up 98 from Friday.

Page County has administered 10,660 doses, up 500 from Friday, and 4,512 people fully vaccinated, up 260 from Friday.

Winchester has administered 13,947 doses, up 441 from Friday, and 5,590, up 207 from Friday.

The state as a whole has administered at least one dose to 3,095,395 people, or 36.3%, and 1,792,546 people have been fully vaccinated, or 21%.

In the education systems, Shenandoah County Public Schools reported on Sunday nine students cases and one staff case.

The student cases were reported in Sandy Hook Elementary School with two, Signal Knob Middle School with one, and Strasburg High School with three, Peter Muhlenberg Middle School with one, Central High School with one and Stonewall Jackson High School with one. The staff case was reported at North Forth Middle School.

Warren County Public Schools reported 21 active cases among students and six among staff in its last update on Friday.

The student cases were reported at Skyline Middle School with two, Warren County Middle School with seven, Skyline High School with seven and Warren County High School at five. The staff cases were reported at Hilda J. Barbour Elementary School with one, Skyline Middle School with three, Skyline High School at one, and Blue Ridge Tech. Center at one.

Warren County also has 78 students and eight staff members in quarantine.

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