Bret Hrbek, president of the Front Royal Rotary Club, stands by a line of grocery carts outside Martin's Food in Front Royal on Wednesday. The club is offering to pick up grocery items for people who can't leave their homes.

FRONT ROYAL – The Rotary Club of Front Royal is offering to pick up groceries for home-bound citizens – especially the elderly population – during the COVID-19 emergency.

Rotary President Bret Hrbek said “it’s not a financial thing” as “we can’t go out and buy everybody’s groceries.  But if they either need a ride or they want to place an order, we can go get it for them so they still are safe and in the house.” 

He added that the program is primarily meant for the older people who are reportedly more likely to suffer negative consequences from COVID-19, but said they are not going to say no to somebody who is afraid to leave the house.

“But the intention is for those people that are in a high-risk category where it can be dangerous for them to go out,” he said.

Hrbek noted that the program falls in line with Rotary’s motto of “service above self.”

“Here’s an opportunity for us to serve our community in a real meaningful and tangible way where we are helping flatten that curve, helping with the health and welfare of our community and of our fellow citizens. And that’s one of the tenants of Rotary - wellness and health,” Hrbek said.

Inquiries can be made by emailing or by calling Hrbek’s office at 540-635-8229

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