Jesse Funkhouser, 17, of Strasburg stands outside Strasburg High School. He will graduate this weekend and plans to attend Shenandoah University in the fall.

STRASBURG — Jesse Funkhouser will take a lot away from his time at Strasburg High School, but he said his best memories will come from the people he met.

"The things I remember the most are definitely the people," Funkhouser said. "Lots of friends made through classmates teachers and coaches — (sports) opponents too. Just great people."

Funkhouser is set to graduate from Strasburg this weekend. Strasburg's graduation is being held over threee days. A part of the class will graduate Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Each student is given a 10-minute timeslot to have their individual graduation ceremony.

Funkhouser said his favorite class is math and his favorite teacher is weight-training coach Tripp Lamb, who is also an assistant football coach.

"I remember like Monday mornings everybody would come in not really wanting to be there," Funkhouser said. "Everybody would be half asleep and coach Lamb would be like 'all right boys, let's go. Just the energy he brought every single day. You could tell that he wanted to be there and he made you want to be there too. It was just a great way to start your morning and day. I look forward to it."

Lamb said Funkhouser was a great student and a great athlete.

"As a student he's top notch," Lamb said. "He takes his academics very, very, seriously. He never turns in any late work. He shows up every day. He does a really great job of setting an example of how a student-athlete should be in the classroom, because he takes it so seriously and prides himself on doing so well. On the field coaching him, many of the same things could be said for him on the field as you could say for him in the classroom. He prides himself on doing things correctly. He prides himself on doing things the right way and takes what he's doing very seriously. And comes to practice every day just like he does in the classroom ready to learn and ready to get better."

Funkhouser said he is ranked sixth in his class academically, and he's always taken school work seriously.

He said he plans to attend Shenandoah University in the fall and major in physical therapy. Funkhouser said going through rehab from several injuries, including a broken leg, made him want to be a physical therapist.

"I went through a lot of physical therapy after my broken leg, and I saw my dad go through it after a torn rotator cuff," Funkhouser said. "I actually got pretty good friends with my physical therapist. She's super nice, sweetest person I've ever met. And I just really think I would like to help people in that way. It's a great way to help people and interact with the community, and I think it would be pretty cool."

Funkhouser played football, basketball and baseball at Strasburg. He said he suffered a torn meniscus in November, but just played his way through it for basketball and football this season. Funkhouser, who is the team manager for baseball this season, said he will have surgery Monday just two days after walking across the stage as a graduate.

Funkhouser said his favorite part of high school was playing sports.

"Overall, I've been on, counting managing, 13 school sports teams," he said. "I've definitely made a lot of memories, a lot of friends made. That's the hard part about graduating is giving that up, especially with just how this year's been. I'm kind of ready to move on with life. It will definitely be sad when it comes, but I think I'm ready to graduate."

Funkhouser, who said he has a 4.16 grade point average, has been attending classes online all school year. He said it's been a different year but he's adjusted and still done well with his school work.

Funkhouser said he's learned a lot these past four years that will help him in the future.

"I think I've learned how to be a pretty good person." Funkhouser said. "I make mistakes, I still will make mistakes, but I think the point I'm at now is because of all those mistakes and what I've learned from those and my friends, coaches teachers family. All those experiences make you who you are. And I think Strasburg High School obviously gave me a ton of experiences and helped make me who I am."

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