It’s hard to believe but summer unofficially ends for Shenandoah County students this coming week. It ended this past week for teachers and it never really began for administrators. As the annual back-to-school ritual stares us in the face, it’s a good time to revisit some important aspects of education.

One of those is to think critically and logically regarding all information that is taught and learned. Does new information make sense with what we already know? Has it been verified or is it either tainted with or totally opinion? What sources are cited and which ones are omitted?

One particular area of interest is that of human origins. For many years, scientists have believed and taught that human beings gradually evolved from lower life forms over millions of years. This theory states that life arose from non-living molecules and gradually improved until humans eventually appeared.

Although this idea has been swallowed hook, line and sinker by many, it’s important to examine it using the criteria above. Has life ever arisen from non-life? Pasteur disproved this erroneous belief in 1864. Repeated attempts to replicate this supposedly certain event under the most strictly controlled laboratory conditions and using the most advanced techniques have failed to do so. And yet, this impossibility is still presented as fact.

Not only has chemistry and biology failed to demonstrate this assumed truth, another educational discipline, mathematics, has calculated that the statistical probability of this occurring by random chance is far beyond any possibility, even in 100 billion years, much less 15. One would think that the teaching of any such theory would be coupled with its unresolved contradictions. We are, after all, living in an age of full disclosure.

In addition, the DNA molecule required for all aspects of life is so incredibly complicated that even one of its co-discoverers, Francis Crick, admitted there is no way it could have evolved even in millions of years. Since his discovery, we have found that this double-helix is infinitely more complex and sophisticated than even he knew or anyone imagined. Information only comes from intelligence. In no other place or time has information arisen without it, yet somehow this continues to be taught as established truth.

Even if one concedes the undirected “miracle” of life arising from non-life, the leap from chimpanzee to human would take trillions of years, not to mention the supposed gradual ascent from a single cell to chimp. In spite of evolutionists’ claims of close similarities between our two species, there are millions of DNA differences, each of which would require at least 1.5 million years to change under the best-assumed conditions.

In addition, instead of evolving upward, research reveals that human DNA is actually spiraling downward due to the accumulation of mutations. This is exactly what one would expect based on Isaac Newton’s Second Law that states that things tend toward randomness, not complexity.

Most dating methods used to estimate the ages of rocks and fossils are based on circular reasoning and the entire theory of the geologic column taking millions of years to form was blown out of the water when many feet of strata accumulated in just days following the Mt. Saint Helen’s eruption. Imagine what a global flood would do to the earth’s landscape. It would bury millions of dead things in rock layers all over the earth. Oh, wait. That’s exactly what we have.

Many scientists from several disciplines now openly acknowledge the glaring impossibilities with Darwin’s theory. While not all are espousing Biblical creation, some are while many others realize that an intelligent someone was and is behind the formation not only of life but of the entire universe.

The theory of evolution leaves too many questions unanswered. Anyone with even half an interest in science owes it to themselves to examine the evidence for Biblical creation, which is sadly omitted in most classrooms. Creation Ministries International and Answers in Genesis both have excellent resources to delve deeper. As students head back to school next week, let’s keep looking for truth! Blessings, George

George Bowers Sr. is the senior pastor of Antioch Church of the Brethren and has authored 13 books, including a weekly devotional, “Blessings Volume II,” which is available at Four Star Printing and Shenandoah Stuff. He can be reached through or at

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