Gerald Almy

Gerald Almy

A wide array of new products have been introduced by hunting equipment companies in recent months. Here’s a quick rundown on some of the most impressive ones that might be of interest for fall hunting seasons, arriving soon with the opening of doves and Canada geese in September.

Blaser K95 Ultimate Carbon Rifle. This new rifle is the perfect choice for long stalks in difficult terrain with its lightweight, rugged carbon stock. The thumbhole design allows a relaxed hand grip and precise control for trigger squeeze and the stock fit is also adjustable so it can be matched to the hunter’s physique or heavy clothing, without tools. Absorption level and hardness of the recoil pad are adjustable to personal preferences for reduced kick and muzzle climb.

Leupold RBX-3000 TBR/W Range-finding Binocular. Leave your rangefinder at home when you strap this new multipurpose binocular from Leupold around your neck. The RBX-3000 offers a high-quality binocular in 10x42 configuration with state-of-the-art range-finding capability out to 3,000 yards built in. Data is read on an easy-to-read high-contrast red LED display, including yardage to target, temperature, air pressure, and humidity. Yardage readouts employ True Ballistic Range/Wind (TBR/W) technology which calculates the angle or your shot and the rifle’s ballistics to give the perfect aim point. The RBX-3000 is built with aircraft grade aluminum for lightness and durability and is waterproof and fog-proof.

Crimson Trace Sport Riflescopes. Crimson Trace has entered the hunting riflescope field with a new series of Sport Riflescopes designed for short-, medium- and long-range applications. Tubes are either 30-34mm with objectives ranging from 24-56 mm. Magnification ranges run the gamut from 1-5x24mm for close-range dangerous game situations to 5-25x56 for long range, low-light conditions. A variety of reticle options are available, seven in all. The riflescopes use extra-low dispersion (ED) multi-coated glass for clarity and accurate color rendition and tubes are made of aircraft grade aluminum. The fully illuminated reticle is in the first focal plane, with the level of illumination adjustable depending on lighting conditions. EZ Mount Leveling Indicators ensure the scope is perfectly aligned.

Helle Wabakimi Fixed Blade Knife. Helle combined its 87 years of Scandinavian knife-making skills with designer Les Stroud’s creative abilities to produce this third offering in a new series of hunting cutlery. The Wabakimi weighs 135 grams and features the company’s renowned triple laminated stainless steel for its 3.3-inch long, .11-inch thick drop-point blade. With a handle of traditional Norwegian curly birch wood, this knife measures 7.875 inches long. The robust, ergonomic handle is easy to grip and the three-quarter partial tang is reinforced with two stout pins for rugged jobs like field dressing an elk or bear. Each hand-made Helle knife goes through up to 45 different manual operations in the construction process.

Pnuma Gunnison Merino Wool Hunting Hoodie. This is new Pnuma jacket is extremely practical, working as both a mid-layer beneath a heavier coat or by itself on moderately cold days. Made of 300gsm Merino wool from sheep bred in Australia, the jacket offers natural moisture wicking and odor control properties. To improve on those and keep the hoodie fresh even longer, the company adds anti-microbial SilverStrike. Merino wool fibers are wrapped around a nylon core for added durability, with a ratio of 87 percent wool, 13 percent core-spun nylon. The Gunnison features two zippered pockets plus a kangaroo pocket to warm your hands. The collar seam is shielded to prevent irritation.

Pelican Vault & Air Gun Cases. Over 30 years ago I bought a Pelican case for my cameras. It’s still dent-free, waterproof and protecting my optics. The company recently added to their case offerings by introducing an impressive lineup of VAULT firearms cases for hunters including single, double, and take-down models with foam interior, rugged hinges, push-button latches, and heavy-duty handles. For situations where weight is a priority, they have also added a new line of 40 percent lighter “Air” cases, including the newest Model 1745 Air Long Case, perfect for the big game hunter. The cases are made out of a tough, high-impact polymer shell and built to be water and dust-proof. Press-and-Pull latches offer secure but easy closure and stainless steel lock hasps provide extra protection during travel. Other features include an automatic purge valve, super-light proprietary HPX2TM Polymer, quiet stainless steel bearing wheels, and a watertight O-ring gasket.

Mission Critical Firearm Cleaner & Lubricant. For a super-smooth action and protection from extreme weather check out Otis Technology’s new Mission Critical MC 10 Lubricant and Cleaner. These gun-care products contain a unique mix of aerospace industry lubricants that have been formulated specifically for firearms, delivering protection from -65 up to 650 degrees F. Initially developed in an earlier form for the aerospace industry, MC 10 Lubricant and Cleaner will lubricate and protect firearms from minus 65 degrees F. to 650 degrees. The lubricant won’t break down like some formulas when things get heated, with the molecules holding firmly to the gun metal. The system includes a one-ounce spray bottle of lubricant, a one-ounce bottle of MC 10 Cleaner, microfiber cloth, and protective metal case. Both products work synergistically, with the cleaner engineered to remove debris without harming the lubricant protection.

Award-winning outdoors writer Gerald Almy is a Maurertown resident.