STEPHENS CITY Town residents will soon have an additional option for internet service.

On Tuesday night, the Stephens City Town Council unanimously approved entering into a franchise agreement with Shenandoah Cable Television LLC — a limited liability company for Glo Fiber. Glo Fiber intends to provide internet, telephone and cable service within town limits.

Currently, Comcast is the predominant internet provider in Stephens City. But Town Manager Mike Majher said the new agreement with Glo Fiber will give residents another option for internet service. In addition, town officials have said Glo Fiber will likely cover a larger area than Comcast.

Majher said in a phone interview that Glo Fiber should start to install equipment almost immediately, though he said the town has not received an exact date for when residents will be able to sign up for service.

Also at the meeting, the council amended section 23-4 of the town code to clarify that town residents can receive multiple penalties for separate zoning violations.

Anyone violating the town’s zoning ordinance shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, may be fined no more than $200 for the initial summons and no more than $500 for each additional summons. A violation arising from “the same operative set of facts” shall not be charged more frequently than once in any 10-day period. If the violation is not corrected after those 10 days, the person can be fined again for the offense.

In other business, Mayor Mike Diaz announced that the town is developing a website to provide residents with the full town code and updates to the town code. The website, which is still “a work in progress,” will utilize the same software as Wikipedia, he said.

Attending the meeting at the Town Office were Mayor Mike Diaz and Council members Linden “Butch” Fravel, Ron Bowers, Regina Swygert-Smith and Mariah Smith. Tina Stevens participated remotely and Pete Fravel was absent.

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