The Shenandoah County School Board will have some new members in January. 

On Tuesday, voters in District 2 had the only contested race for School Board. Martin “Marty” Helsley Jr. won the election with 1,239 votes, or 65%, according to unofficial results. He defeated Jessica Kelly, who received 657, or 35%, of the votes, according to unofficial election results.

“I am very humbled with the support I received. I would like to thank my campaign manager Nancy Miller, who worked hard for me. I am looking forward to serving the needs of the students in District 2 in Shenandoah County,” Helsley said.

The District 2 seat was left vacant when Richard Koontz announced he was not running for another term.

District 3 incumbent Cyndy Walsh ran unopposed on the ballot to win her second term on the School Board with 2,217, or 98%, of the vote, according to unofficial results.

"I really appreciate the support of my constituents in District 3. Although it is a relief to run unopposed, I hope that it is because they feel that I have represented them well during my first four years," Walsh said.

She serves as vice chair on the School Board.

Strasburg resident Andrew Keller won 1,471 votes, or 99 percent, in the uncontested District 6 race, according to unofficial election results.

Keller, who has been retired for a couple of years, worked in education for more than 30 years.

The opportunity for the District 6 seat opened after board member Sonya Williams-Giersch announced she is not running for another term.


District 2


Helsley - 49 votes

Kelly - 28 votes

Conicville precinct

Helsley - 712 votes

Kelly - 298 votes

Write-in - 2 votes

Mount Jackson precinct

Helsley - 478 votes

Kelly - 331 votes

Write-in - 5 votes

District 3 race


Walsh - 101 votes

Write-in - 3 votes

Edinburg precinct

Walsh - 839 votes

Write-in - 12 votes

St. Luke precinct

Walsh - 807 votes

Write-in - 10 votes

Fort Valley precinct

Walsh - 470 votes

Write-in - 9 votes

District 6 race


Keller - 45 votes

Strasburg precinct

Keller - 1,426 votes

Write-in - 9 votes

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