Sherry Sours

Editor’s note: This is one in a series of question and answer articles about local candidates running for office. The Northern Virginia Daily asked the candidate running for Warren County commissioner of revenue three questions. The unedited responses are below.

Incumbent Sherry Sours is seeking her third term in an unchallenged race for the commissioner of revenue seat in the Nov. 5 election. 

Why are you fit to be elected to this position?

The Voters of Warren County decided that I was the best candidate for the job in the past 2 elections 2013 & 2015.

Why are you qualified to serve as commissioner of revenue?

I am qualified to serve as Commissioner of the Revenue of Warren County because I have worked with the Citizens of Warren County for 41 years, am familiar with the Local ordinances and State laws concerning real estate, personal property, business license, meals, and lodging taxes. My office implements the land use program and tax relief for the elderly/disabled, and Veterans relief on real estate taxes. In addition, my office handles the filings of State Income Tax returns and does some Federal/State E-Files for low income and elderly persons. In the event that someone is unable to come into my office for the tax relief program, I will gladly come to their home to complete the required documents.

What is one change you would like to make in how the office operates?

One change that I would like to see in the future would be more online capabilities for filing of business forms, and to report changes on vehicles. We have a lot of commuters in our locality who work jobs & care for their family; I believe this would be a benefit for them. Any computer software upgrades would cost money and have to be approved by the County Administrator/Board of Supervisors.

Another change that I would like to see is for the tax relief for the elderly/disabled income threshold to be increased in order to assist more people to qualify for the program. This change of course would have to be approved by the County Administrator/Board of Supervisors.

I continue to feel that this office should remain politically impartial. My customer service is of the utmost importance in my office for the Citizens of Warren County. My office door is always open for anyone who has any problems or questions.

I want the current issues resolved and the person(s) held accountable through the courts of law for any unlawful activities of the EDA funds.

I would like to see a larger commercial/industrial tax base to reduce the residential tax burden and to be able to give our elderly and disabled persons additional tax breaks.