FRONT ROYAL – Angie Moore, a former circuit court senior deputy clerk, recently announced an independent campaign in the special election for circuit court clerk, a seat vacated upon Clerk Darryl Funk’s appointment as a judge.

Moore, 49, now a Winchester and Frederick County District Court clerk, began employment as a Warren County Circuit Court clerk in 2007 and was promoted to senior deputy clerk in 2015, according to a news release.

Moore said over the phone that she left in 2018 for Winchester because there were “some political issues that I wasn’t comfortable with.” She said the exit had nothing to do with her job performance but there were “just some uncomfortable situations that I needed to separate myself from.”

Exactly what those uncomfortable situations were, she declined to say.

“Instead of sacrificing my principles, I chose to leave...I would prefer at this time not to say anything about that,” she said.

Moore, a life-long county resident, said working in Winchester has been a “wonderful experience” but her “heart is in Warren County and that’s where I belong.”

She said she did not seek the Republican nomination — as three other candidates have done — because she always votes for the best candidate no matter what party they represent.

“When you go into Costco and buy something in bulk, you might get a flavor that you just don’t like,” she said.

She added that, if elected, she does not “want to feel like I need to answer to anyone” or “owe favors to anyone or have someone who owes me favors.”

Moore added that in today’s political climate everyone should get along and she thinks having an independent candidate run is important for citizens who are undecided or “looking for other directions.”

The news release states that Moore has a “wealth of experience” and is “considered an expert in matters relating to the clerk’s office” such as “issuing marriage licenses, concealed handgun permits, restoration of gun rights, restoration of driving privileges, fictitious name recording, and judgments.”

As deputy clerk, the release states that Moore was the “face” of the courtroom that represented the clerk’s office and assisted the judge by calling cases from the docket, administering oaths to witnesses and jurors, reading indictments and maintaining court records.

“Angie was well respected by all those she encountered because of her consummate professionalism, dedication and passion for the job,” the release states.

The release adds that Moore has Supreme Court of Virginia training and certification in deed and land recording, civil case management, criminal case management, financial system management, probate, restitution, bookkeeping, and auditing.

Moore said experience makes her well equipped for the job and she would not be running if she did not believe she was the best candidate. She said she is passionate about the job and wants “to see what is best for Warren County.”

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