FRONT ROYAL—The Rappahannock-Shenandoah-Warren Regional Jail Authority approved a motion Thursday to evaluate the way localities pay into or are credited for their contributions to the inmate population.

During a meeting last month, the authority determined that while Rappahannock and Warren counties will both receive credits, Shenandoah County owes a little more than $275,000 due to the increase in its share of inmates over the last three years.

The method for calculating True Ups — the amount localities pay for their share of the inmate population — have not been re-evaluated since the jail opened in 2015. Because of changes in population contributions, Warren and Rappahannock counties have paid more than they should have, resulting in credits for those two jurisdictions. Shenandoah County has paid less and owes money as a result.

On Thursday, the authority approved a motion to move Shenandoah County’s payment from the fourth quarter of this fiscal year, which ends on June 30, into the 2020 fiscal year, calculating that next year, Shenandoah’s projected credit will offset the costs it currently owes.

Rappahannock and Warren counties will both receive their credits but Shenandoah will “forego” its credit in order to balance the future ledger, Shenandoah County Administrator Evan Vass said after Thursday’s meeting.

Since 2015, Shenandoah County’s share of the population at RSW has increased from 33 percent to more than 40 percent while Warren’s population has dropped from roughly 63 percent to 54 percent.

The authority said it can afford to delay Shenandoah’s payment and assume its future credit will cover the cost, in part, because it has received significantly more revenue from bed rentals than was budgeted for the year.

Doug Stanley, Warren County administrator and Jail Authority chairman, said the original budget calculated less than $200,000 in revenue from bed rentals. This year, with two months left in the fiscal year, the jail has brought in about $1.2 million in bed rentals.

The Jail Authority also voted to re-appoint Stanley as its chairman, Conrad Helsley as vice chairman, and Garrey Currey secretary/treasurer.

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