Jason Wright

I’m fortunate to attend church every week with a friend who has an absolutely divine voice. Over 13 years of worshipping with Jenni Goode in our Woodstock congregation, I’ve noted countless times how her voice is so easily recognizable among so many others.

Naturally, we know that every voice of every kind is important to God. Whether you belong on Broadway or you can’t carry a tune in a little bitty bucket.

Still, even if every single member turns up their volume up to 10, there she is. No doubt every congregation has voices like Jenni’s blessing chapels each Sabbath day.

Lately, I’ve pondered exactly what heaven might be trying to teach me. Is it that just as members of our ward can recognize Jenni’s voice, God does the same for each of us?

Maybe we sometimes doubt how a perfect Father in heaven can hear millions of pleas and prayers at the same moment?

But if imperfect church members can easily identify the individual voices of our brothers and sisters, surely a perfect Father can do the same with his children. Right?

A couple of Sundays ago Jenni sang a soaring solo from the pulpit. It was stunning, inspiring, beautiful, gorgeous, and nearly every other adjective that might remind you of heaven.

As I sat and listened to her voice fill every inch of our humble chapel, it struck me again just how well the Lord must know her distinct voice. And, yes, also yours and mine.

Because if he’s a perfect God of miracles, why wouldn’t he?

Whether we call out to him in private, or at the family dinner table, or in front of the entire class at the end of Sunday school, he hears us! He knows us! The scriptures promise it over and over again.

I believe that if tonight every living creature prayed simultaneously, in his perfect and loving way, God would still miraculously hear me.

And you.

Curious if it’s true? Wonder whether he’ll really hear you? Just ask.

Raise your voice, listen, be patient, and trust his answers.

Then, most importantly, do it all over again.

Just like Jenni.

Jason F. Wright is a New York Times bestselling author, columnist, and speaker. His newest book, “Courage to Be You: Inspiring Lessons from an Unexpected Journey,” details the life of NBA owner, philanthropist, and businesswoman Gail Miller and is available at Amazon. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.