Jason Wright Column

Northern Virginia Daily guest columnist Jason Wright, left, is shown with Walmart employee Tim Stuart.

What is it with the Walmart jokes?

Maybe you've seen posts, rants and gripes on social media about Walmart and its employees. They see every flaw, every frown, every imperfect associate.

Honestly? I must be missing something. When I'm in Walmart I just see - people.

I know many employees at the Woodstock Walmart and they're good, kind, hard-working men and women.

Do they have bad days when maybe they don't smile as brightly as we think they should? Sure they do. And so do the rest of us.

It doesn't make them bad people or worthless employees - it makes them human.

The great guy in this picture is one of my favorite folks in the world. His name is Tim Stuart and he radiates kindness.

To look past him because he works at a place like Walmart is to overlook a smart, funny, giving, serviced-oriented friend to all.

And why? Because he's wearing a yellow vest and name tag instead of a suit and tie?

Honorable work is honorable work.

Individual worth is individual worth.

The truth? I'd trade many of the white collar "professionals" I've known or done business with over the years for another Tim.

And the world would be a lot better for it.