A Winchester judge denied a last-chance effort by Strasburg Mayor Richard Orndorff Jr. and his attorney Phillip Griffin II to have the final order in a civil case reconsidered.

Earlier this month, Judge Alexander Iden ruled that in the course of representing Orndorff in a petition case brought by Strasburg residents, Griffin was entitled to some, but not all, of the attorney’s fees he incurred. Over five months, Griffin argued that he had provided legal counsel and calculated his time to be worth about $15,000.

In Iden’s final order he wrote that Griffin’s calculations overestimated the amount of work that was required and ordered the town of Strasburg to pay Griffin $2,700 for his time.

Griffin appeared before Iden on Jan. 24 to argue that the ruling broke with precedent other judges had set.

Earlier in the week, Griffin wrote in an email to the Northern Virginia Daily that a judge in Charlottesville had awarded more than $300,000 in a similar case.

Griffin wrote that he had to appear in court four times for the petition case and review or file more than 20 pleadings and court orders.

Griffin first filed his affidavit of attorney’s fees in November. The Commonwealths’ Attorney’s Office never filed an objection to Griffin’s fees.

“[B]y defaulting for failing to file a response meant that they agreed with everything which would have meant that we were entitled to attorneys fees in excess of [$]15,000,” Griffin wrote.

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