Kurt Jankowski

Kurt Jankowski

A judge on Monday dismissed most charges against a Warren County man accused of holding several people at gunpoint last spring.

Kurt Michael Jankowski, 34, of Linden, appeared in Warren County Circuit Court for a scheduled jury trial on four felony counts each of abduction and related firearms charges. Jankowski also stood charged with misdemeanor possession of a firearm by a person involuntarily committed or ordered to outpatient treatment.

The court called off the jury trial given the fact that Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Anna Hammond and Jankowski’s lawyer Franklin B. Reynolds Jr. reached a plea agreement in the case.

Judge Clifford L. Athey Jr. accepted the plea agreement that called for the court to dismiss Jankowski’s felony charges at Hammond’s request. The agreement calls for Jankowski to plead guilty to the misdemeanor count.

Athey scheduled Jankowski’s sentencing for July 19. Jankowski remains free on bond pending the sentencing hearing. The agreement leaves it up to the court to set Jankowski’s punishment on the firearm charge. Jankowski faces serving up to 12 months in jail for the misdemeanor count.

The plea agreement does not state if the office of the commonwealth’s attorney consulted any victims related to the case as to the terms of the deal.

A criminal complaint filed with documents accusing Jankowski of abduction and use of a firearm states that Warren County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Joshua Kopp responded to a call at a Linden residence on May 18, 2018, for a report of a man armed with a shotgun in a “mental episode” not allowing the home’s occupants to leave.

Kopp states he approached Jankowski, seen holding a shotgun, on the back porch. The caller said Jankowski threatened to shoot anyone in the yard and that she feared he would kill her and the children present if he knew police came to the residence, the complaint states. Officers took Jankowski into custody and recovered a .12-gauge shotgun, the complaint states.

The complaining witness said Jankowski acted “erratic” as he sat on the couch before she called 911, the complaint states. The witness told Kopp she tried to use the landline phone to call 911 but Jankowski smacked it out of her hand. The witness said she snuck her cellphone into a bedroom to call 911.

Jankowski refused to put down the weapon when the witness asked him to, the complaint states. Jankowski threatened to shoot the shotgun if he saw movement outside, according to the complaint. He also told her she could not take the children out of the house, the complaint states.

A separate criminal complaint filed with the misdemeanor charge states that Kopp responded to the Linden home for a report of a mentally unstable man with a loaded firearm. Kopp stated that Jankowski had previously been the subject of a temporary detention order on a voluntary admission April 4, 2011. Jankowski had been convicted of possession of a firearm by a person committed for mental health services, the complaint states.

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