A judge restored the rights this week of two convicted felons to possess firearms.

Todd Allen Massie and Michele L. Frye filed petitions in Warren County Circuit Court in March and April, respectively, each seeking the restoration of their rights to carry a firearm. Both petitioners live in Warren County, according to their filings.

Judge Clifford L. Athey Jr. granted each petitioners’ request in separate hearings held Wednesday.

Massie states in his petition dated March 28 that he was convicted of a felony Dec. 4, 1989. Massie adds that he served his probation without revocation and has since been released from supervision.

“His Excellency Governor Ralph S. Northam restored the civil rights of Petitioner on (Feb. 4) excluding the right to carry firearms under the law of Virginia,” Massie states in his petition.

The petition does not provide the felony convictions that led to Massie losing his civil right to vote, possess firearms, and serve on a jury.

Online records show a judge found Massie guilty in Warren County Circuit Court on Dec. 4 on felony counts of burglary and theft that occurred earlier that year. The judge sentenced Massie to suspended prison and jail time and ordered him to complete one year of supervised probation.

Massie also was convicted on Jun. 2, 2003, on a count of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. A judge sentenced Massie to two years in prison with one year and five months suspended. The judge ordered Massie to complete two years of supervised probation.

A resolution signed by Northam states that “Massie has rejoined society free from state supervision and it seems appropriate to the Executive to remove certain of those political disabilities by restoring the right to vote, hold public office, serve on a jury, and to be a notary public.” Northam’s action did not restore Massie’s right to possess, transport or receive firearms.

Frye’s petition dated April 30 states she was convicted in April 1993 of forgery and passing a forged document. Frye served her probation without revocation and was released from supervision Feb. 25, 1994.

The petition states that Gov. Charles S. Robb restored Frye’s civil rights on July 27, 2018. However, Robb served as Virginia’s governor from 1982 through 1986. Northam restored Frye’s rights and noted as such in the resolution he signed July 27. Frye’s resolution contains the same language as the one Northam signed for Massie.

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