FRONT ROYAL – Fair season means rides, games and fair food, but it also means it’s time to show some farm animals.

The 4-H Sheep Showmanship competition at the Warren County Fair on Thursday featured 10 events with nine children participating.

Ryan Adkins, 18, of Front Royal, has been showing sheep for 10 years. He took part in the senior showmanship, class four market, and class one breeding competitions.

“My brother was showing before I was, and when I got of age, I started showing,” he said.

Kate Clatterbuck, 9, of Front Royal, entered her second year of showing at the fair. Kate took part in the junior showmanship and class 4 market competitions.

“One of the most fun things about showing is everybody seeing everyone’s lambs, she said.

Kate also said she grooms her lambs before the shows.

“I make sure they’re nice and clean before a show,” she said.

Adkins said if people want to start showing sheep, it’s best to sheer your sheep’s hair before coming to the fair.

“When I’m at the fair, I comb their leg [hair] down and trim all the extra hair off their legs,” he said.

Adkins said trimming his sheeps’ hair is one of the hardest things about getting ready for a show.

“Some of them don’t like to stand still and then you gotta fight them to get them in place,” he said.

Kate also said that trimming her sheep’s legs is one of the trickiest things about getting ready for the fair.

“When you get their legs, they’re going to start kicking, and it’ll hurt if they kick you,” she said.

Adkins said that his love of agriculture is what keeps him showing animals at the fair each year.

“It’s something I enjoy doing,” he said.

The 2019 Warren County Fair will continue through Saturday night.

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