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Lakeside Book Co. will close its Pleasant Valley plant in Harrisonburg, affecting 80 jobs.

The distribution warehouse for Lakeside Book Co. will be closing June 3, according to data from the Virginia Employment Commission.

The information was conveyed via a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification, also known as a WARN notice, in April.

The closure will affect 80 employees at the company’s Pleasant Valley Road plant, according to the Virginia Employment Commission.

Lakeside’s Kratzer Road facility will remain open.

“Obviously, it’s unfortunate. We don’t want to see any county business close,” said Casey Armstrong, assistant county administrator.

Armstrong said the county will support the former employees.

Rajeev Balakrishna, general counsel for Lakeside Book Co., said a reason for the closure is to centralize the corporation’s distribution efforts in the Midwest rather than the mid-Atlantic.

“It’s really optimizing our warehousing and distribution platform in terms of location,” he said.

Balakrishna said the majority of books printed in Harrisonburg are trade books, which are still in demand. Employees affected by the closure were offered opportunities to work at the manufacturing plant in the area, if they so choose, he said.

LSC Communications announced in June 2021 that its Book Division, the largest book producer in the United States, would operate under the name Lakeside Book Co. The company provides distribution, sales and marketing services, and intellectual property and brand protection technology.

Atlas Holdings acquired LSC Communications in 2020, and created the Lakeside Book Co. from the LSC Book division.

The facility, located at 1433 Pleasant Valley Road, is for lease. The building is 432,832 square feet.

In January 2020, LSC Communications announced it was closing its manufacturing facility in Strasburg. An estimated 384 people worked at that facility.

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