WOODSTOCK — The fifth defendant in a case out of Edinburg appeared in Shenandoah County General District Court on Tuesday for a bond hearing.

Farrah Lee Salyers, 42, of 108 Printz St., Edinburg, appeared via video conference from Rappahannock-Shenandoah-Warren Regional Jail, where she has been held since being arrested by the Shenandoah County Sheriff’s Office on June 11.

After considering her ties to the community, Judge Amy Tisinger granted Salyers a release from jail through the payment of a secure $5,000 bond that Tisinger said could be posted by friends or family of Salyers or by a bail bonds person.

Salyers was the last of five defendants to appear for their hearings; as of Tuesday morning, the other four had been released on bond.

Her bond came with similar restrictions requiring Salyers to have no contact, whether direct or indirect, with the person or property of Pastor Leon McCray Sr., who has accused Salyers and the other four defendants of assaulting him on property he owns along Printz Street.

The five defendants were charged with assault by mob, a misdemeanor. Salyers was also charged with felony abduction and misdemeanor simple assault-hate crime.

Other conditions of her secure bond are that Salyers not possess firearms, alcohol or illegal drugs that are not prescribed to her.

Her court-appointed attorney, Jason Ransom, of Winchester, accepted the case Monday after two other attorneys had been asked and told the court that they had conflicts that made them unable to defend Salyers at this time.

“Within a moment, [Ransom] said he would do this for you,” Tisinger told Salyers, who met her attorney for the first time Tuesday through the video conference.

Ransom, in his argument for Salyers to be released, told the court that she was a good candidate for release because she has family members who rely on her in Edinburg.

Salyers, who lives with her husband and son, said she cares for her seven grandchildren — four by her son and three by her daughter — while her son and daughter work.

She also cares for her husband, who has a disability and requires daily care, she said. He cannot drive, so she takes him to his medical appointments.

While she’s been imprisoned, she said her daughter-in-law has taken off work to care for the children. Salyers’ parents in Front Royal have been caring for her husband during her time in jail, she said.

Ransom also argued that because Salyers is one of five defendants, that her role in the alleged assault may have been minimal.

“What, if anything, may she even be guilty with?” he asked the judge to consider. “Maybe she was there just by happenstance.”

Donny Richard Salyers, 43; Dennis James Salyers, 26; Amanda Dawn Salyers, 26, and Christopher Kevin Sharp, 57, also of 108 Printz St., were each charged on simple assault by mob, as well as some additional charges.

They are accused of assaulting McCray.

McCray was arrested on June 1 following the incident and charged with brandishing a weapon — a gun he has said he owns and was using to protect himself. He was released from custody later that night.

On Friday, Tisinger approved a nolle prosequi motion from the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office not to prosecute the case against McCray. Sheriff Timothy Carter has said he has  apologized to McCray. Carter also said he has returned McCray’s weapon to him.

Farrah Salyers’ next court date is at 1 p.m. Aug. 2.

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