Lester and Mowery’s Pharmacy closed its doors Wednesday with a note on its entrance and a reminder of the closure to customers on its Facebook page.

The Front Royal pharmacy had been in business 25 years.

The note on the pharmacy’s door and the Facebook posts thanked customers and told them the pharmacy would be merging with CVS after Wednesday.

Prescription files and related materials will be “confidentially transferred” to the CVS Pharmacy at 800 John Marshall Highway and calls and faxes are already rolling over to that location as well, owners Scott Lester and Brian Mowery said in the messages.

Neither could be reached for a comment.

The pharmacy had two run-ins with the Virginia Board of Pharmacy in 2019.

First, in February 2019, a consent order from the Board of Pharmacy accused Lester & Mowery’s Pharmacy of dispensing opioids to at least four patients despite signs of potential abuse and issued a public reprimand.

At the time, Caroline Juran, the executive director of the Board of Pharmacy, described a reprimand as a “legal sanctioning” from the Board of Pharmacy. Because of the reprimand, Lester & Mowery’s had to disclose that it had been disciplined by a regulatory agency.

The reprimand did not require any additional actions from the pharmacy.

Later that year in June, the pharmacy received a notice from the Board of Pharmacy that an inspection showed “perpetual inventory (was) not being maintained as required, to include not accurately indicating ‘physical count’ on-hand at time of performing inventory.”

According to the Board of Pharmacy, a notice advises a practitioner of the scheduling of a proceeding and contains a statement of charges that have not, as of that point in time, been proven.

Documents show the pharmacy was given the option to pay a $250 penalty if it didn’t wish to contest the cited violation, and a followup document showed a confirmation of the receipt of the monetary penalty as well as documentation indicating corrective action had been taken, closing the case.

The pharmacy had not received any other notice or orders from the Board of Pharmacy since then, according to the Virginia Department of Health Professions.

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