An actual budget cut?


I reference the Northern Virginia Daily’s June 6 article, “Woodstock Town Council approves budget.”

How often do we see the following scenario:

1. Last year’s budget was $1,000,000.

2. Politicians propose a $1,200,000 budget for this year.

3. A $1,100,000 budget is approved.

4. The politicians crow, “Well, we’ve saved $100,000!”

Really? By spending $100,000 more than last year?

I write to thank the Woodstock Town Council for actually cutting our 2020 budget by $679,487 — about a 5% year-over-year reduction from last year’s budget of $13,182,480.

We’re not talking about the typical “reduction in the rate of increase” here, but actual savings.

And before people cry “starvation budget,” understand that this 2020 budget includes a 3% raise for town employees and a mild utility rate increase.

I say “hats off” to Woodstock’s department heads and Town Council for their good stewardship of the public purse. Thanks for giving us real savings, instead of running the tired old shell game.

David Christovich, Woodstock