Something is seriously wrong when a parent has to clip inappropriate comic strips from a newspaper before her young sons read them.

I’m extremely disappointed that our society feels it can make light of situations that aren’t funny at all; and then, our local community is silent when degrading happenstances infiltrate what should be innocent fun.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Let’s just say, “McPherson, Close to Home really isn’t close to home.” And shame on you, Northern Virginia Daily, for not choosing a better line-up that supports what a lot of parents are trying to do: raise decent young men who are willing to become something our current leaders are not.

We have enough bad examples from our government leaders in real news stories, we don’t need our comics to echo that. Comics should do what they do best: remind us that childlike wonder and innocent humor are aspects of humanity to encourage and celebrate.

Sarah Kohrs, Mount Jackson