So now another horrible mass killing has happened in our country. And of course the tragedy is compounded because children were involved. Our president had a chance to unify us, but instead in his predictable speech managed to divide us even more.

For about half of his speech he got it right; a heartfelt plea for us to rally behind the parents and community as they grieve their loss. To mourn and provide comfort, and help however we could. I was hoping against hope he would stop there where even his most ardent opponents would agree with him.

But no, he continued. And in a sickening display of one of the left's tenets — "Never let a crisis go to waste" — he went on to politicize a tragedy by blaming guns, the firearm industry, the gun lobby, so called "assault rifles," ending the failed 10-year ban on military style rifles, ineffective background checks, etc.

This is not about guns, but about mental illness. It's about how the mental health professionals, teachers, first responders, and parents are not given the tools necessary to identify and intervene. All due diligence will never identify every person with a proclivity to violence, but in almost every mass killing we've experienced the signs were there that the killer was mentally ill and capable of violence. And almost all occurred in "gun free zones!"

If our politicians spent as much time, money and effort on the real problem as they do on attacking law-abiding citizen's rights, we might see progress.

Tom Overman, Woodstock

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With 400 million guns in American it is ludicrous to refer to any place as a gun free zone.


The left needs anything they can sink their teeth into to prop of Brandon, their destructive platform and abysmal polling. Their pandering is unprecedented. Hang on kiddoes! Your student loans will be forgiven closer to September when the Dems need a shot in the arm. They will try to buy their election with their targeted policies instead of solely relying on dark money and the likes of Soros.

Kathy Kehoe

It frightens me that anyone would think that there shouldn't be a ban on military style guns. It scares me more that someone would put such an opinion in writing. I'll never understand.

Linda Allen

The writer's misinformation astounds. There is no understanding of the massively hardened schools since Columbine and the trauma caused by annual (or more) active shooter drills. These efforts have increased the mental health stresses on kids. The utter failure of thoughts and prayers, and deflection to "it's not guns, it's mental health" lies to do ANYTHING to reduce gun violence. The fact is, we allow anyone to purchase weapons that shred human bodies. Without those, the mental health problems of US males would be no more notable than those in any other country. For data, see https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-41488081


Linda Allen is wrong. We do not allow anyone to purchase weapons. When buying guns there are background checks. The left does not want background checks they want nothing more than gun control and the repeal to the 2nd A. People will fine a way to kill and they we will have to ban that. Look no farther the Englands knife ban.


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