Yesterday morning, while riding her bicycle, my wife was hit by a vehicle on Massanutten Street in Strasburg. She had a yellow shirt on and a bright red five-bulb LED tail light. The driver said they didn’t see her.

Both my wife and the driver were lucky she wasn’t hurt badly. My wife is a fair lady and tough, too. She didn’t call the police. The guy that hit her should be thankful.

Be careful people of Strasburg. There are folks of all ages on the town’s streets. There are children, dogs, cats, tourists and working folks making their way through town every day and night, so be safe.

Pay attention. Clean your automobiles’ windows. Drive reasonably. Be alert. Watch for motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, skateboards, pedestrians and animals. Don’t stop there...watch for all the other sorts of hazards that exist too. Be safe.

Mark Stewart, Strasburg